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The Multiplicity of Music
An in-depth study of the Western classical music tradition and its implications for music in peacebuilding

Elena Tanase

Masters of Peace 22
ISBN 978-3-99106-035-2
brosch., 134 Seiten, engl.
2021, innsbruck university press • iup

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Elena Tanase’s book examines the intersection between conflict transformation, peace, and music. At the center of this work, a fundamental question: can the mere presence of music in conflict transformation processes be seen as an indicator of good practice and, thus, a guarantee of peaceful outcomes? Using a praxis-focused, transdisciplinary approach, Tanase draws from her experience as a classically trained musician and her in-depth study of the performance of Western classical music to contribute new insights into the nascent field of music in conflict transformation. Tanase challenges the idea of music as a universal language and, consequently, its use as a universal tool for peacework. By bringing to light the impact musicians have in the perpetuation of imported ideas about peace and civilization, the author reflects on the role of music as catalyst for social change. The author explores the discrepancies between what is intended, or believed, about music-making, and music’s actual impacts at a relational level. She offers insightful recommendations for peacebuilders, musicians, and parents of children engaging in music-making in societies manifesting traits of perfectionism and demusicalization. The Multiplicity of Music will undoubtedly appeal to readers who wish to nurture an awareness of their own music traditions and ideas about peace, and to those who wish to discover what such views might reveal about the underlying causes of our conflicts.

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