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Music Education in South Africa

Ronél De Villiers

ISBN 978-3-903187-56-6
brosch., 218 Seiten, sw-Abb.
2019, innsbruck university press • iup

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Transformational changes have swept across the South African educational land-scape in the post-apartheid era. The aim of the research presented in this book was to determine how an effective teacher education framework for music education (MusEd) in the Foundation Phase (FP) can be developed. The research explored the various changing forces (contextual, institutional, biographical and programmatic) that influence Higher Education practices and programme content in the preparation of MusEd student teachers. The research achieved this aim through examining the perspectives of current MusEd teacher educators and curriculum experts, on the teaching and learning methods and practical activities in MusEd programmes at their various Higher Education Institutions, their experiences of push and pull forces in their working environments, and their responses to decolonisation directives. This book reports on original research, it has been internationally peer reviewed prior to publication and it is targeted for use by scholars and researchers in the broad field of education and related fields.

Ronél De Villiers holds a doctorate in Music Education with special reference to Higher Education practices and programme content in the enablement of student teachers for schools from the University of Pretoria. She has won numerous teacher education accolades from the University of South Africa as well as the University of Pretoria, Faculty of Education, Dean’s Award for Excellence in music education. She is currently involved as the Coordinator of the music education department where she facilitates and teaches modules on the integration of multiple intelligences, teaching and learning theories and holistic learner development.

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