2. COST-IOTA Workshop on Cold Molecular Ions

Molecular Ions in Arosa

Workshop programme and updated travel information available.

As part of ESF COST Action Ion Traps for Tomorrows Applications (IOTA) this workshop will bring together experts on molecular ions in traps to discuss recent advances in cooling, spectroscopy and cold chemistry of molecular ions. The workshop will take place in Arosa in South-East Switzerland from Sept. 2 to 5, 2013. The venue can be conveniently reached by train via Chur.

This workshop follows the successfull first COST-IOTA workshop that was held in Sandbjerg, Denmark in 2011.


  • arosa1

    (c) Waldhotel National Arosa


    Cooling methods for molecules and ions
  • Protocols for the preparation and interrogation of trapped molecular ions
  • New experimental approaches for cold chemistry with ions
  • Ion-atom hybrid traps
  • Spectroscopy of cold molecular ions
  • Molecular-ion based quantum technologies
  • Advances in theoretical methods

There will be two tutorial lectures and 12 invited talks. In addition there will be several progress reports and hot topic presentations selcted from the submitted abstracts.


Village of Arosa


Coulomb Crystal in the Linear Paul Trap





Local organisers: Roland Wester, Stefan Willitsch

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