Complex Systems

Research and projects

Recent research topics:

  • Computational and theoretical plasma physics
  • Nonlinear dynamics, turbulence and structure formation
  • Turbulence in the edge of magnetised fusion plasmas
  • Multi scale interactions during formation and collapse of transport barriers in tokamaks
  • Many particle dynamics in magnetised ultracold plasmas

Recent projects:

Software (open source):

  • FELTOR - Numerical methods for SOL blob and turbulence simulations (GitHub)

Past projects:

  • Coordination of filamentary transport modelling.
    EUROfusion Coordination Task MST1-CT15-6 (2015)

  • Utilizing GPUs for numerical simulations of the turbulent boundary layer in a magnetically confined plasma
    NVIDIA Hardware Grant Program (Tesla K40 GPU) (2015)

  • Understanding of turbulent edge/SOL transport and structure formation by joint experiment and modelling approach
    EUROfusion Enabling Research project WP14-ER-OeAW-01 (2014)

  • Impulsprojekt Kernfusionsforschung
    ÖAW KKKÖ Impulsprojekt (2014)

  • Computational Interdisciplinary Modelling
    FWF DK+ Doktoral College: project part "Computational Plasma Physics" (2010-2014)

  • Hydrocarbon Transport and Chemistry in Tokamaks
    FWF Project P21061 (2009-2011)

Internal collaborations and networks: