Introducing: Daniel Woods | PostDoc in the Project Part “Reputation and Competition in Markets for Credence Goods” 

woods.jpgDaniel Woods from New Zealand grew up in a small rural town in the foothills of the Southern Alps in the South Island. More recently, he has lived in Indiana, USA, while obtaining his PhD at Purdue University. Before that he studied at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch. 

Daniel's current research is focusing on power analysis, and how one can utilize payoff consequences to improve it. He has a variety of research interests that range from industrial organization applications to social preferences to methodological issues. If an experiment can be used to help research a topic, Daniel is generally interested in it. His work resulted in publications in Journals like Experimental Economics, Games and Economic Behavior, and Journal of Economic Psychology. 

Asked about what triggered his interest in (experimental) economics, he says: 

I always intended to do Economics, and I got interested in Experimental Economics specifically by participating as a subject, and wondering why I was being paid so well to make (what seemed to be) arbitrary decisions.

In terms of hobbies, he is currently forced - due to the pandemic - to reduce them to watching TV and playing video games. Once the situation improves, he hopes to add some outdoor activities as well. 

Daniel will start his contract in October remotely and will move to Innsbruck in January 2022. 


Word rap

Innsbruck - An interesting place that I knew almost nothing about prior to this opportunity.

Experiments - A useful tool for determining how institutions work.

Economics - The study of decision-making.

Biggest societal problem? - Climate Change.

Wiener Schnitzel or Couscous? - Why not both?

Snowy mountains or sandy beaches? - Sandy beaches – sorry, I’m tired of the cold!

Skiing, cycling, shopping or couch surfing? - Are these the only recreation options available in Innsbruck?


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