SFB Research Seminar

The SFB Research Seminar regularly invites international speakers to present ongoing work related to credence goods research. It is held on Wednesdays from 12:00-13:00 in seminar room 9. Everybody interested is most welcome to join!


March 13

Jana Friedrichsen

DIW Berlin / University of Berlin

Income effects on fairness in markets


March 27

Martin Dufwenberg

University of Arizona

Tax evasion with a conscience (j.w.w. K. Nordblom)


April 3

Cars Hommes

University of Amsterdam

Bubbles, crashes and information contagion in large-group asset market experiments (j.w.w. A. Kopanyi-Peuker & J. Sonnemans)


April 10

Dietmar Fehr

University of Heidelberg

Poverty, seasonal scarcity and exchange asymmetries: Evidence from small-scale farmers in rural Zambia


May 8

Bettina Rockenbach

University of Cologne

Social context engineering in children


May 15

Fabian Herweg

University of Bayreuth

Regret Theory and Salience Theory: Total Strangers, Distant Relatives or Close Cousins?


May 29

Georg Weizsäcker

University of Berlin



June 5

Alexei Parakhonyak

University of Oxford

Information design through scarcity and social learning (j.w.w. N. Vikander)


June 12

Bernd Irlenbusch

University of Cologne



June 19

Peter Bossaerts

University of Melbourne


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