SFB Research Seminar

The SFB Research Seminar regularly invites international speakers to present ongoing work related to credence goods research. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, some of the talks are currently held online. Everybody interested is most welcome to join via the following link: https://webconference.uibk.ac.at/b/tob-yfl-yvk-s7g 
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March 23, 3pm

Marie Claire Villeval
CNRS & University of Lyon

Information Acquisition and Social Norm Formation


April 20, 3pm

Ben Greiner
Vienna University of Economics and Business

Incentives, Framing, and Trust in AI: An Experimental Study


April 27, 3pm

Eric Uhlmann

Crowdsourcing science

May 4, 12am
Theologie / SR 6

Adam Szeidl
Central European University

Indirect Effects of Access to Finance

May 11, 3pm

Cass Sunstein
Harvard Law School

Wanting Not to Know


May 25, 12am
Theologie / SR 6

Uwe Sunde
LMU Munich

Decisions and Performance Under Bounded Rationality: Evidence from a Computational Benchmark


June 1, 12am
Theologie / Madonnensaal

Eszter Czibor
ConCIV at University of Iceland

Loss-framed incentives and employee (mis-)behavior


June 8, 3pm

Catherine Eckel
Texas A&M University

The evolution of preferences and charitable giving:  A panel study of the university years


June 15

Marieke Bos
Stockholm School of Economics


June 29, 3pm

Michel Maréchal
University of Zurich

What Do Lost Wallets Tell Us About Survey Measures of Social Capital?


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