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We are currently planning for an on-site conference, for which the following fees apply. In case that the Covid situation changes substantially for the worse, the conference will be held online. In this case, the fee will be reduced to 25 EUR and the exceeding amount will be refunded.

Conference Fee

  Early bird
(01/06 - 27/06/2021)

(28/06 - 05/09/2021)

(06/09 - 24/09/2021)
DGF member 130 EUR
160 EUR 190 EUR
  non-DGF member 170 EUR 200 EUR 230 EUR
PhD student or students
DGF member 70 EUR
100 EUR 130 EUR
  non-DGF member 110 EUR 140 EUR 170 EUR
Practitioner and other DGF member 130 EUR
160 EUR 190 EUR

non-DGF member 210 EUR 240 EUR 270 EUR

The conference fee covers the conference and the Get-together on September 30, 2021. Please indicate during your registration whether you would like to attend. The fee, however, does not include the Conference Dinner on October 1, 2021. For the Conference Dinner, an additional fee of 50 EUR will be charged per person. You may bring an accompanying person to the Dinner.

Terms and Conditions
  • The registration for the conference is binding.
  • The fee can be paid by credit card (MasterCard or Visa) or via bank transfer.
  • The participation fees are owed upon registration and have to be paid within 10 banking days following the registration.
  • Participation is not guaranteed until full payment of the fees is received and will be cancelled if the fees are not received by the organizer within 15 banking days.
  • As we cannot cover any transaction fees for international bank transfers, please make sure that the full amount due is transferred. When making a payment from outside the SEPA area or outside the EU, please use the bank transfer method "OUR" to ensure that any banking charges are paid by the originator of the payment.
  • Conference dinner participation will be handled on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Fees are payable without any deductions.
  • The conference program may be subject to changes.

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