Life Science Seminar Series

You can meet the speaker after the seminar at the informal get together. Else, students, post-docs and CMBI scientists can arrange to meet with the speakers by contacting     

   June 13, 2022

Joern Dengjel, PhD
Department of Biology, Université de Fribourg, CH

More information about Dr. Dengjel's work »

Kinases and phosphatases regulating protein turnover by autophagy

When and Where: 16:00, L.EG.200
Host: Kathrin Thedieck

  October 3, 2022

Daniel Abankwa, PhD
Full professor in Cellular Tumour Biology, Université du Luxembourg, L

More information about Dr. Abankwa's work »

Inhibition of Ras signalling complexes

When and Where: 17:15, L.EG.200
Host: Eduard Stefan




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