Current research activities at the CMBI encompass investigations into the structure and dynamics of biological macromolecules at atomic resolution, the molecular basis of physiological and pathophysiological processes and their modulation by natural or synthetic products, cellular function and cell-cell communication, and development of whole organisms.

Research topics:

  • Protein and nucleic acid structure, folding, and dissociation in the gas phase (Breuker)
  • Proteomics, metabolomics, phytomics (Bonn, Huck)
  • Inelastic interaction of low energy electrons with molecules of biological relevance (Denifl)
  • Development of theoretical and computational methods describing molecular interactions in chemical and biological systems (Liedl)
  • Biomolecular NMR spectroscopy (Tollinger, Kreutz)

  • Synthesis, structure, and function of chemically modified RNA (Micura)
  • Regulation of cell function by protein modification (Schneider)
  • Oncogenic transcription factors and their cellular targets (Stefan, Hartl,)
  • Natural products chemistry, chemical and structural biology of the pigments of life (Kräutler, Müller)
  • Method development and chemical synthesis of bioactive molecules (Magauer)

  • Bioactive natural products from the plant kingdom (Stuppner, Ganzera)
  • Development of potential drugs interacting with opioid receptors (Spetea)
  • Lipid signaling in cancer, inflammation and homeostasis as target for natural products (Koeberle)

  • Ion channels as new drug targets and the neuropathological basis of anxiety disorders (Striessnig, Singewald)
  • Ion channels in retinal physiology, diseases and pharmacotherapy (Koschak)
  • Ion channels structure-function and their role in hormone release (Tuluc)
  • Cell ion and volume homeostasis and metabolic activity (Pelster, Sandbichler, Schwerte)
  • Trace element homeostasis in animal cells (Dallinger)

  • Molecular and genetic control of vertebrate development (Meyer, Kimmel)
  • Stem cell differentiation, regeneration and bioadhesion of basal Metazoa (Hobmayer, Ladurner)
  • Stem cell biology, cellular reprogramming & regeneration (Edenhofer)
  • Environmental stress response – molecular, physiological, and metabolic mechanisms (Höckner)

  • Biology of aging, mitochondrial physiology (Jansen-Dürr)
  • Stress metabolites and signalling pathways in plants (Kranner)
  • Obesity/weight loss research, adipose tissue biology, stem cell proliferation, differentiation and aging (Zwerschke)

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