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CMBI Seminar Series 2023 

  November 20, 2023

Susan Taylor, PhD
University of California, San Diego, United States

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Titel: New Frontiers in PKA Signaling

When and Where: 16:00, L.EG.220
Host: Eduard Stefan

  October 30, 2023

Teresa Kaserer, PhD
Institute of Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Innsbruck, A

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Titel: Computational investigation of protein mutations – applications from cancer drug resistance to the development of novel therapies

When and Where: 17:15, L.EG.220
Host: Ronald Micura

  October 16, 2023

Andreas Marx, PhD
Department of Chemistry, University of Konstanz, Germany

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Titel: Chemical Biology of Protein Modifications and the Enigmatic World of Human RNA Repair

When and Where: 17:15, L.EG.220
Host: Ronald Micura


  October 2, 2023

Gisbert Schneider, PhD
ETH Zurich, Department of Chemistry and Applied Biosciences, Zurich, Switzerland

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Binder Lecture: From screening to designing new molecules with machine intelligence

When and Where: 17:15, L.EG.220
Host: Kathrin Thedieck

  September 4, 2023

Yury Polikanov, PhD
Department of Biological Sciences, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA

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Titel: Structural basis of Cfr-mediated antimicrobial resistance and mechanisms for its evasion

When and Where: 14:00, L.EG.220
Host: Ronald Micura

  June 12, 2023

Bianka Siewert, PhD
Institute of Pharmacy, Pharmacognosy, University of Innsbruck, A

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Titel: Distribution, Ecological Function, and Pharmaceutical Use of Fungal Photosensitizers

When and Where: 17:15, L.EG.200
Host: Andreas Koeberle


     May 22, 2023

Tsuyoshi Momose, PhD
Institut de la Mer de Villefranche, Villefranche-sur-Mer Cedex, France

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Epithelial tissue patterning in a jellyfish Clytia hemisphaerica and the evolutionary origin of animal body axis

When and Where: 17:15, L.EG.200
Host: Bert Hobmayer


  May 8, 2023

Sabine Fuchs, PhD
Associate Professor, Pediatrician for metabolic diseases, UMC-Utrecht, NL

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Prime Time

When and Where: 17:15, L.EG.200
Host: Kathrin Thedieck


  April 17, 2023

Pascal Meier, PhD
Head of  Cell Death and Immunity Team, Breast Cancer Now Toby Robins Research Centre, The Institute of Cancer Research, London, UK

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Using cell death to mobilise the immune system against cancer

When and Where: 16:00, L.EG.200
Host: Eduard Stefan


   February 23, 2023

 Alpaslan Tasdogan, PhD
 Institute for Tumor Metabolism, Department of Dermatology,  University Hospital Essen, G

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Targeting Metabolic Liabilities in Cancer Metastasis

When and Where: 14:00, Audimax MUI, Fritz-Pregl-Straße 3
Host: Kathrin Thedieck

   January 30, 2023

Christian Gruber, PhD
Center for Physiology and Pharmacology, Medical University of Vienna, A

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Design of nature-inspired circular peptides for GPCR drug discovery

When and Where: 17:15, L.EG.200
Host: Mariana Spetea

   January 16, 2023

Jacek Jemielity, PhD
Centre of New Technologies, University of Warsaw, PL

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Chemical modifications of mRNA for therapeutic applications

When and Where: 17:15, L.EG.200
Host: Ronald Micura

CMBI Seminar Series 2022  

  November 14, 2022

Natalia Ivleva, PhD
Institute of Analytical Chemistry and Water Chemistry, Technical University of Munich, G

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Raman Microspectroscopy for Environmental Analysis

When and Where: 17:15, L.EG.200
Host: Christian Huck


  October 3, 2022

Daniel Abankwa, PhD
Full professor in Cellular Tumour Biology, Université du Luxembourg, L

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Inhibition of Ras signalling complexes

When and Where: 17:15, L.EG.200
Host: Eduard Stefan

  June 13, 2022

Joern Dengjel, PhD
Department of Biology, Université de Fribourg, CH

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Kinases and phosphatases regulating protein turnover by autophagy

When and Where: 16:00, L.EG.200
Host: Kathrin Thedieck


  April 4, 2022 - cancelled !!!

Veronika Sexl, PhD
Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Veterinärmedizinische Universität Wien, Austria

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CDK6 – novel insights from an old kinase

When and Where: 17:15, L.EG.200
Host: Eduard Stefan


  March 14, 2022

Maria Mittelbrunn, PhD
Head of Immunometabolism and Inflammation Lab
Miguel Servet Researcher, Instituto de Investigación Hospital 12 de Octubre
Associate Professor, Molecular Biology Department, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
ERC Researcher, Centro de Biología Molecular Severo Ochoa, Spain

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How does time-dependent deterioration of T cells contribute to tissue senescence and whole body aging?

When and Where: 17:15, L.EG.200
Host: Pidder Jansen-Dürr


   March 21, 2022

Attila Szücs, PhD
Eötvös Loránd University · Department of Physiology and Neurobiology, Budapest, Hungary

Shaping the integrative properties of differentiating neurons using optogenetics and the dynamic clamp

When and Where: 17:15, L.EG.200
Host: Jerome Mertens

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