Annual Meeting 2018

this year's annual meeting 2018 will take place on Friday, 22nd  June 2018 from 09:00 – 12.00 a.m. at the "Agrarzentrum West" (http://www.agrarzentrumwest.at/) in Imst.

 The meeting will focus on the „Scientific research at the agricultural farm in Imst: Who can use it?“. 

PROGRAMME annual meeting 2018


registration and information

Mail to: magdalena.stiftinger@uibk.ac.at

Phone: 0043 512 507 51601



Call for Projects 2018

  Supported by the Regional Government of Tirol, the Mountain Agriculture Research Unit publishes the yearly "Call for Projects 2018" for the 12th time to financially support projects dealing with agricultural research topics. This year's call has a disposal of € 26.000 Euro. Individual project applications may receive a maximum support of 5.000 Euro.

Applications of pilot-studies for larger grant applications to be submitted at other funding bodies such as the Austrian Science Fund FWF, and those which strive to extend current projects dealing with agricultural relevant topics, are preferentially supported. Very innovative applications of young researchers could be supported with more than € 5.000,- 

Application forms:

Application text 2018
Application form 2018

Deadline for submissions is 13th of April 2018 (arriving date). The money draft of the grants will be at the end of April 2018.




Lecture Series: "International Agri Food Lectures"


Annual Meeting 2017


This year's meeting will focus on the topic „what kind of research and innovation is needed for agriculture and rural development in Tyrol“. The target of this year's workshop is the identification of important requirements in the field of science and development in the agricultural sector. It will give an overview of activities in this field in Tyrol and build up networks between actors and institutions.

Furthermore we will report about the 2016 funded research projects.

Annual Meeting 2017:

Friday, 03.03.2017, 09:00 a.m. – 01:00 p.m.

ICT-Technologiepark, SR 1 / Foyer

Technikerstraße 21a, 6020 Innsbruck



registration and information

Mail to: caroline.pichler@uibk.ac.at

Phone: 0043 512 507 51701