HeatXFan - Highly Efficient Compact And Cost Effective Ventilation System With Heat Recovery

Project leader University of Innsbruck: Rainer Pfluger

Project members: Christoph Speer, Ondrej Klesnil

 Project partners

  • Frivent GmbH
  • Ziviltechnikerkanzlei Speer

Funding Agency: FFG

Project Period: 01.03.2015 - 28.02.2017

This research project is the basic step in development of a highly efficient and cost-effective ventilation system with heat recovery. The innovative concept is a combination of fans and heat exchanger in a single component. This way, the system can be made very compact and is therefore suitable in particular for wide use in building renovation. The aim is to improve the currently limited thermal efficiency of comparable systems available on the market from values <50% to over 80% while reducing the capital and operating costs. This will be achieved by integrated components for flow balance, frost protection, minimization of sound and vibration, summer bypass as well as humidity recovery. The simplified and effective setup makes it predestinated for industrial production in the future mass market.

CAD-Modell mit SpülkammerPrototyp

CAD-Model with flushing chamber for leckage reduction (left) and prototype of the ventilation system (right)

Publications (University of Innsbruck)

Press review


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