Past research seminars


Messner Martin: Fashionable practices and occupational identities: Hype and ambiguity as challenges for data scientists

Finia Kuhlmann: Dignifying representations: Constructing an accounting framework for a service for survivors of modern slavery

Jenni Laaksonen (& Matias Laine): In a (serious and) constructive spirit: Translating sustainability disclosure into parallel accounts

Nadine Georgiou:  Do Insiders Trade on (Private) Corporate Social Responsibility Information?

Isabella Grabner: Office glamour work vs office housework: Gender differences in participation in and subjective evaluation of non-core job responsibilities

Niels J. Lennonn: Struggles with infrastructure: assembling an internal performance measurement audit trail between global and local


Matthias Thiemann: How strategic agency fosters gradual change: Anchoring the rights and obligations approach in lease accounting and conceptual frameworks, SciencesPo

Martijn van der Steen: Disentangling organizational legitimacy: The relation between internal and external legitimacy in an alternative organizational form, University of Groningen

Patrick Neff, Silvia Jordan, Albrecht Becker: From local concerns to national solutions: The emergence of a national healthcare quality assessment system in Austria, University of Innsbruck

Margit Malmmose: Accounting as a mode of writing: Financial managers and struggles with quality in Danish healthcare, Aarhus University

Leonie Daum & Christoph Pelger: The politics of co-constructing the meaning of a financial reporting standard – A case study of the Transition Resource Group for IFRS 17, Universität Innsbruck

Katharina Weiß: Financial Reporting Standard Setting: The Role of Real Effects, LMU München

Martin Hiebl: Researcher insights on theoretical contribution building in qualitative management accounting research, Universität Siegen

Lukas Goretzki & Jan Pfister:  The “productive accountant” as (un-)wanted self – Exploring the role of productivity measures in accountants’ identity work, Stockholm School of Economics & Turku School of Economics



Heinzelmann, Rafael: Struggles of recognition in professionalization of accounting: The case of a hybrid setting in Central-Eastern Europe, University of Adger, Norway

Boomsma, Roel:  Producing evidence of impact through evaluation: A field study of an Australian non-governmental devolopment organisation, University of Sydney


Sutton, Nicole: The role of meetings in strategy formulation, University of Technology Sydney

Reilley, Jacob: A Calculative Infrastructure in the Making: The Emergence of a Multi-Layered Complex for Governing Healthcare, Helmut Schmidt University Hamburg

Kunzl, Ferdinand: Downsides of continuous forms of budgeting, University of Innsbruck

Meusburger, Pia & Pelger, Christoph: Co-constructing compliance with IFRS – the role of national enforcers, University of Innsbruck

Begkos, Christos: Public value, professional valuing, prices, and privatization in English hospitals, Alliance Manchester Business School

Mansky, Thomas: Konzept der G-IQI Indikatoren und ihr praktischer Einsatz, TU Berlin

Cooper, Christine: Agencification – replacing liberal democracy with neoliberal accountability, University of Edinburgh

Lindermüller, David: Negative media reporting and its effects on performance-based budgeting: a process- and outcome-based investigation, Universität der Bundeswehr München


Becker, Sebastian: The management control practices of earliest stage startup companies and the institutional influences of their ecosystems, HEC Paris

Wouters, Marc: Persuasiveness of incomplete financial calculations and the role of meta-information: A case study, Karlsruhe University of Technology

Sellhorn, Thorsten: How do audit committee chairs shape audit quality?, LMU München

Cäker, Mikael: Dual hierarchical accountability processes in reconciling enabling control and strategic alignment, University of Gothenburg

Oberwallner, Kathrin: Initiation of voluntary change and innovation in external reporting: A case study of the restructuring of an annual report, LMU München

Mennicken, Andrea: Economising Failure, Democratising Failure: Designing a failure regime for NHS hospitals, London School of Economics & Political Science

Becker, Kerstin: Global Standards without the United States? Institutional Work and the U.S. Non-Adoption of IFRS, University of Mannheim

Ram, Ronita: Non-Adoption of the IFRS for SMEs in Australia: Ideological Influences on the Standard Setting Debate, Henley Business School, University of Reading

Gullberg, Cecilia & Weinryb, Noomi: Accounts without borders: On the mobility, stability and combinability of social media accounts, University of Uppsala & Södertörn University

Hoque, Zahirul: Operation of democracy principles through a performance evaluation process for academics: A field study, La Trobe University

Benzer, Matthias: NICE and Society: health resource allocation and social relationships in the UK National Health Service, University of Sheffield


Sponem, Samuel: A Goffmanian analysis of CFOs’ interface strategies, HEC Montréal

Becker, Albrecht: Living in the publish-or-perish culture, University of Innsbruck

Reuter, Marek: Abstract Management Practices and Organizational Identity: An Inquiry into the Transformation of a 'Green' Organizational Self-Conception, University of Innsbruck

Strauss, Erik: Governing day-to-day interactions in interfirm collaborations: The role of informal controls, University of Witten/Herdecke 

Groen, Bianca: Developing enabling performance indicators in an organisation with high employee turnover: Longitudinal action research in a call centre, Amsterdam Business School

Wieder, Bernhard: Management Accounting in the Big Data Era – Opportunities or Threats, University of Technology Sydney

Pucci, Richard: Orders of worth in international accounting standard-setting: Critical moments from the global financial crisis, Copenhagen Business School

Botzem, Sebastian: The Privatization of European Accounting Regulation: The Case of EPSAS, University of Bremen

Bénet, Nathalie: A configurational approach of organizational performance: the case of front office employees in the service industry, Université Toulouse

Mehrpouya, Afshin: Seeing like the Market: Transparency and the Accounting Turn in Transnational Market Governance, HEC Paris


Barker, Richard: Moving the Conceptual Framework Forward: Accounting for Uncertainty, Said Business School

Chahed, Yasmin & Vargha, Zsuzsi: The making of a 'disruptive' technology: Transformations in markets and professional service firms, London School of Economics; University of Leicester

Gatzweiler, Marian: Accounting for the Unexpected: A Case Study of Performance Evaluation Practices in a Large Scale Refugee Camp, University of Edinburgh Business School

Herzig, Christian: Balancing profit-sustainability tensions through management control systems, University of Kassel

Kraus, Kalle: Accounting, financial managing and attachments in affective nets: The case of a Swedish football club, Stockholm School of Economics

Murthy, Vijaya: Use of Social capital to enable Intellectual Capital performance: A study of a contract employment set-up, University of Sydney

Pucci, Richard: Reframing loan loss provisioning under IFRS,  Copenhagen Business School

Sutton, Nicole: Control system designing: A perceived problem-solving, path dependent process, University of Technology Sydney


Artz, Martin: Incentive recalibration through intra-year target revisions: Evidence from sales managers' targets, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

Bläser, Kerstin: The fabrication of calculability - Roles of calculative practices in the financialization of real estate markets, Goethe Universität Frankfurt

Burkert, Michael & Zimmermann, Lisa: Management Control System design for different types of  ambidextrous firms - a research synthesis study, Université de Fribourg

Erb, Carsten & Pelger, Christoph: Lobbying in conceptual projects - A study of the IASB/FASB's framework revision, University of Innsbruck

Hansen, Allen: , Copenhagen Business School

Lesage, Cédric: Ausiting the Auditors: is Inspection a Wrong Kind of Transparency?, HEC Paris

Palermo, Tommaso: Risk matter’: A study of organisational friction in risk management, London School of Economics

Pelger, Christoph: Practices of standard-setting – An analysis of the IASB and FASB’s process of identifying the objective of financial reporting, University of Innsbruck

Pfister, Jan: Leadership, followership and the emergent identity of the management accountant, Turku School of Economics

Trenca, Mihaela: Dancing with Performabnce Management, University of Southern Denmark


Bay, Charlotta: Makeover Accounting: Investigating the Financial Edutainment of Everyday Life, Stockholm Business School

Downer, John: The Disappearing Catastrophe: How credible is nuclear energy in the wake of fukushima, University of Bristol

Lukka, Kari: Persuasiveness of self-assessment based post-completion auditing reports, Turku School of Economics

Morales, Jeremy: Struggles for recognition: The discourses, identity and "dirty work" of management accountants, ESCP Paris

Pflueger, Dane: Making Quality Calculable: Reassembling the elements of qualculation in American healthcare, 1945-2010, London School of Economics

Sivabalan, Prabhu: Pursuing economic value: A study of incremental strategy-control-strategy effects, UCTS Sydney

Treisch, Corinna: Tax Rate, Tax Base and Point of Tax Payments – A Discrete Choice Analysis of the Perceived Tax Burden, University of Innsbruck


Burkert, Michael: Extensiveness of Adoption of a Code of Good Governance: The Role of Ownership
Concentration and Shareholder Heterogeneity, Université de Fribourg

Hall, Matt: The development of integrative performance measurement systems: a field study of a mental health development project, LSE London

Lennon, Niels Joseph: Assembling the performance of performance measurement systems, Copenhagen Business School

Lim, Francesca: One-self and An-other: Towards an Ethic of Accountability based on Agonistic Self-Other Relations, Victoria University of Wellington

Mack, Simone: Strategic use  of relative performance information and conventional accounting information in manager's discussions about organizational performance - a sensemaking perspective, WHU Vallendar

Mack, Simone: Use of accounting information in the practice of performance management meetings:An ethnographic study from a public organization, WHU Vallendar

Moll, Jodie: Pushing back the red-brick wall: The co-construction of an accounting entity and an instrument for aligning investments, Manchester Business School

Samiolo, Rita: Reconstructing the state as a rational actor: saving Venice, world models and the governmentality of failure, London School of Economics

Sjögren, Ebba: They have always been calculative: Professional work, organizational boundaries and accountingization in geriatric care, Stockholm School of Economics

Svärdsten, Fredrik: The search for output, Stockholm University School of Business


Capcun, Vedran: An Empirical Investigation of the Impact of Audit and Auditor Characteristics on Auditor Performance, HEC Paris

Hartmann, Berit: Rethinking the boundaries between financial and management accounting, Jönköping International Business School

Heinzelmann, Rafael: Same, same but different: Professional Identities of Management Accountants, University of Innsbruck

Lupu, Ioana: From Me Towards the Other in Me. An Ethical Perspective on Motherhood and Accounting, Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers

Mack, Simone: Performance management as a collective project   between superior and subordinate, WHU Vallendar

Nama, Yesh & Lowe, Alan: Theorizing private equity practices: A social site approach, Aston Business School, Birmingham

Nitzl, Christian & Hirsch, Bernhard: Zur Genese von Vertrauen zwischen Managern und Controllern - Gibt es geschlechtsspezifische Einflüsse?, Universität der Bundeswehr München

Speckbacher, Gerhard: Managerial Control for Collaborative Creativity: The  twofold Roles of Intrinsic Motivation and Task-Specific Expertise, WU Wien


Burkert, Michael: Pitfalls in testing contingency fit in management accounting research: Matching theory and empirical methods, HEC Lausanne

Goretzki, Lukas: How Management Accountants Influence the Firm, WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management

Humphrey, Christopher: Rethinking impact: The new public management reforms and the contribution of a special issue, Manchester Business School

Johed, Gustav: Behind open doors: auditor's face-work at the annual general meeting, Stockholm University

Ötsch, Silke: Die Berufsgruppe der ArchitektInnen im Kontext von Finanzialisierung, University of Innsbruck, Department of Sociology

Puyou, Francois-Régis: Governing "confused" organizations: Management accounting practices to balance politics and action, Audencia Nantes

Schäffer, Utz: Promoting diversity in Accounting research: An empirical study of the development of the identity, intellectual structure and impact of AOS from 1990-2007, WHU Otto-Beisheim School of Management

Skaerbaek, Peter: The roles of risk management technologies in the public sector, Copenhagen Business School


Becker, Albrecht & Marx, Ulrike: Gender & Controlling: Gender Budgeting Konstruktionen, University of Innsbruck

Chahed, Yasmine: Economic governance at the intersections of law and accounting, London School of Economics

Goretzki, Lukas: The business partner as a socio-technical network: An actor-network perspective on the role of management accountants, WHU Otto-Beisheim School of Management

Jordan, Silvia: Performance Indicators and the Construction of Incompleteness, London School of Economics

Skoog, Matti: Making sense of a paradigmatic change: A study of management control in the Swedish Armed Forces

Vaivio, Juhani: Living in ”Transparency”: Exploring the Interface of Management Accounting and the Operational at Rautaruukki Plc., Helsinki School of Economics


Ellebring, Frederik: Professional- and higher management accounting education. A content analysis, University of Innsbruck

Ezzamel, Mahmoud: Globalism and making Globalisation practicable: A Study of Strategic Performance Measurment Systems, Cardiff Business School

Mahlendorf, Matthias: Determinants of decisioninfluencing use of headquarterdesigned performance measurement systems in subsidiaries – Evidence from China, WHU Otto-Beisheim School of Management

Mennicken, Andrea: Audit and Markets as Linked Ecologies, London School of Economics

Messner, Martin: Problematising imperfect performance measures, HEC Paris

Offenberger, Pia: Between trust and control: Management control systems in non profit organizations, Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien

Olson, Olov: Financial crises and accounting research -  a reflection, University of Gothenburg. School of Business, Economics & Law

Panozzo, Fabrizio: The Role of Calculative Practices in Organizing the Urban Identity, Università Ca' Foscari di Venezia

Schürmann, Christian: Wirtschaftliche Argumente und die Rolle des Accountings in der Silikosediskussion 1925 -1943: Eine Bewertung menschlichen Lebens?, WHU Otto-Beisheim School of Management

Weber, Jürgen: Erfolg von Controllern, WHU Otto-Beisheim School of Management

Wouters, Marc: Experimentation, Knowledge Integration, and Devilish Details in Developing Enabling Accounting Information, University of Twente


Gstraunthaler, Thomas: The notion of strategy in different organizational and cultural contexts - China versus South Africa, Universität Kapstadt

Marx, Ulrike: Der Einfluss der Controllingpraxis auf die (Re-) Produktion von Geschlechterverhältnissen und -hierachien in Organisationen

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