Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Accounting conference 2009

Welcome to the Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Accounting conference 2009!

Starting in 1985, the Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Accounting Conference has been an established forum for research into the social, political and organizational aspects of accounting theory and practice. The Conference is a premier forum for the interdisciplinary study of accounting and as such brings together accounting researchers with broad social science interests and researchers from other disciplines such as anthropology, philosophy, sociology and political economy. It responds to the concerns of an evolving research community and seeks to highlight emerging intellectual issues and to encourage new agendas.

The IPA rotates on a three year cycle with the Asia Pacific Interdisciplinary Research in Accounting Conference (APIRA) and the Critical Perspectives on Accounting Conference (New York, USA).

A distinctive feature of the IPA is the thorough review that each paper receives before and during the conference. All submissions are double-blind reviewed by one or two reviewers. Usually, one of the reviewers acts as a discussant of the paper at the conference. Reviewers and discussants are therefore central to the continuing success of this conference. The usual format of a paper presentation comprises the presentation of the paper by the discussant (approx. 20 min.), the authors' response (approx. 10 min.) and an open discussion (approx. 15 minutes).

The IPA 2009 Conference was preceded by the Emerging Scholars' Colloquium which offered emerging researchers the possibility to discuss their work with established scholars in the field.

The IPA Conference 2009 took place from 09 to 11 July 2009, in Innsbruck, Austria,
and was hosted by the Faculty of Business and Management.


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