ADAM GANZ – Writer-in-Residence 2022


Adam Ganz
Foto Credit: Rosie Turner

About the Author

Adam Ganz is the 2022 writer-in-residence of the Faculty of Language, Literature and Culture at the University of Innsbruck. He is Professor in the Department of Media Arts at Royal Holloway, University of London, and also a professional screenwriter and director for radio, film and television. His principal research interests focus on audiovisual narrative, with particular reference to the migration of audiovisual production processes to the digital, and on the TV development process and other forms of collaborative narrative, including the collaboration between author and audience.


His monograph Robert De Niro at Work: From Screenplay to Screen Performance (co-written with Professor Steven Price and based on research done as a Fellow at the Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas at Austin) was published in 2020.

His dramas for radio include The Chemistry Between Them (2014), The Gestapo Minutes (2013), Nuclear Reaction (BBC Radio 4 2010) and Listening to the Generals (BBC Radio 4 2009 and 2010). For TV his work includes Murder Without Motive (BBC1 1998, writer) and Pillow Talk (Channel 4 2005, director) as well as a number of short films, including Threesome (2000, writer/director), Show Home (2007, director), Shiftwork (1993, writer/director), One Armed Bandits (1990, writer/director), and One of Us (1986, writer/director).

In addition, he has developed screenplays for film and television with several major production companies and with every UK Channel and has a number of other projects in development with various TV companies. 



May 17th, 2022 - 7.00 pm, Stadtbibliothek Innsbruck

Talk: Actor as Writer - What Robert De Niro Does with a Screenplay

Robert De Niro is perhaps the most famous actor of his generation. Adam Ganz's lecture on the film star is based on his research at the University of Texas at Austin, to which Robert De Niro donated his private archive in 2006, and his book Robert De Niro at Work: From Screenplay to Screen Performance, co-authored with Steven Price. Ganz illuminates the ways in which Robert De Niro co-writes each of his films - whether through his contribution to the film's plot and dialogue, or simply through his preparation as a film actor, which allows the text to become the film, and through his acting, which inscribes a specific rhythm and gesture into each character he embodies. The lecture will be in English.

Moderation: Christian Quendler

Kostenlose Platzreservierungen sind telefonisch unter 0512 5360 5700 (Stadtbibliothek Innsbruck) möglich.



AG New Approaches to Screen Writing (610023 SoSe22)

In his course, Prof. Ganz wants to familiarize students with some alternative approaches to the screenplay, including its relationship- and place-based narratives, drawing on the ideas of Carlo Ginzburg and William Uricchio's Documentary Fiction Studio. Students will be introduced to a number of examples of/and approaches to screenwriting, and via writing exercises they will produce a short film or other audiovisual script which responds either to place or to archive.


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