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The web interface is the primary meas for configuring your phone number. The settings are automatically transfered to all phones you are logged in on.

Address and Login

Please choose the following link for the start page of the phone administration: https://phone.uibk.ac.at

This page is only available within the University of Innsbruck. If you want to use it from outside, please use the University's secure VPN connection.

Please log in to the phone administration using your use account and your password. The phone adminisetration uses the login system "Shibboleth". If you have visited a University page that also uses it (within the same web-browser session), you will be automatically logged in.


The pages of the phone adminstration basically all look the same: On the right side you find the navigation menu, on the right side you see the configuration options. If you can configure multiple phone numbers, they are displayed as tabs in the upper part of the screen to switch between the numbers (this is especially true for "Settings").

In some places there might be configuration options that might be locked and can only be changed by an administrator. Next to these you find a closed padlock. Some other settings are syncrhonized with central databases and are only shown for your information here (for example the permissions for private or external calls).

The web page contains details help texts, that contain far more information than this introduction. If you have any questions or are interrested in an option, please see the help provided there. At least on each page, but often next to individual settings you find a question mark symbol. Please select that symbol to open the help window.


This page is opened after successfully logging in. It contains numerous settings for your phone number. To have it laid out more clearly, the page is split into multiple sections. Please click on a session to open it and show its settings.

The most important settings are:

  • You can define ring tones

  • Profiles are central to the dial logic of the phone system. Here you can define how incoming calls shall be treated (even depending on the time or date). Please note that profiles are inactive if you use a redirection on your phone. If necessary, you can disable your phone's redirection using the web interface and configure the profiles as needed

    The following profile types are available (for more detailed information, please see the web interface):
    • call: In addition to calling your number, further actions can be defined. For example, additional numbers can be dialed. You can define how a call should be handled if you are not available or busy (e.g. redirection to another number, voicemail box or interactive voice menu).
    • Redirection: Redirection to another number
    • Voicemailbox: Redirection to a voicemail box.
  • You can define the actions for the function keys of your phone  - e.g. setart calls, define pickup groups or automatisation of actions (eg. set a redirection by only pressing one function key). 

  • Using the setting "pickup permissions", you can enable other people to use pickup  for your number.

  • You can configure an automatic call lock after a defined time.

  • You can enable other users to configure your phone number (this is often used for assistants or secretaries).


This page helps you to configure the voicemail boxes. For each number, 9 voicemail boxes are available. You can record a message and define, if a caller only hears the message ("Infobox") or can also leave a message ("Voicemailbox").

To use the voicemail boxes, use them in your profile (eg. your default profile), define your fallback menu accordingly  or create a seperate profile for a voicemail box, that you activate instead of the default profile (either permanently or only for a certail time period, using time controls).


On this page the status of the phones you are logged in on is displayed. You can also use this page to log out of a phone (e.g. if you have forgotten to do so on site). You can also see the network outlet the phone is connected to. This might help you to locate the phone.

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