Advanced Usage

Voicemail box

For each phone number, 9 voicemail boxes are available. Each of them can have a seperate message and can be configured to only play the message (info box) or provide the caller the possibility to leave a message (voicemail box). The configuration is done using the web interface of the phone administration.

If a user leaves a message, it is sent to you via e-mail. Alternatively, voicemail can also be retrieved from your phone or using an administration phone number that can be called from anywhere.

You can easily use the voicemail boxes using your profiles. You can use a voicemail profile to redirect callers directly to your voicemail box, send callers to the box in case you are not available or busy or provide the possibility to select your voicemail box using the fallback menu. You can also set a manual redirection to your voicemail box. However, this is not supported.

To manually call the voicemail box, dial "333 + [Telefonnummer] + [1-9]", e.g. "333 12345 1" for the first voicemail box of the number "12345".

The administration phone number of your voicemail boxes is "334 + [Telefonnummer]", e.g. "334 12345" for the administration of the number 12345. Here you can listen to and delete messages in your voicemail boxes from any phone.

On your phone, there is a key "Retrieve" on the right top. this enables you to manage your voicemails: You can list the messages, delete them, show details like time, duration, call the caller, or change the settings for your voicemail boxes.

Pickup Groups

Pickup groups support working in groups by providing a possibility to see the phone status of your colleagues and answer the phone for him. If pickup is configured, the function key assigned to a pickup number blinks orange if the other person is called. In addition, the caller information (number or name) is displayed on your phone. If you press the blinking key, you answer the call instead of the called person. While your colleague is talking on the phone, the key is illuminated orange permanently. If you press the function key while neither somebody is calling nor a call is being answered, a call to your colleague is initiated.

To prevent abuse, you have to enable pickup for somebody to be able to configure you as a pickup target.

To configure a pickup target, change the type of a function key to "Pickup / BLF" and enter the phone number of your colleague.

Call Waiting

You can active the function "Call waiting" in the section "other" on the settings page. If somebody calls while you are in a conversation, the caller will get a normal "in progress" call tone. You will be hearing the call waiting indication. Also, on your display you can see who is calling you. If you then press "OK", the first caller is put on hold and you talk to the second caller.

You now have various possiblities:

  • Finish the second call and press Hold to return to the first call.
  • Press the key Conference to start a three-way conference.
  • Press transfer to connect the other two persons and exit your call.
  • Press the Hold key to put the second caller on hold. You now see a list of the callers (the first and the second one) and can change between them using the arrow keys.

Function Keys

The function keys can be configured using the web interface.

Most of the time you choose "direct dial" end enter the number to dial. For pickup groups (see above) use the type "Pickup / BLF". If you choose the type "Action URL", you can run arbitrary HTTP actions - there is a good chance you will never need this type.

You can also use the function keys, to automate actions of the other function keys. These function key actions are started using ordinary phone numbers:

  • 33601: Login
  • 33602: Logout
  • 33603: Redirection
  • 33604: Call as
  • 33606: Lock

When you dial the number, you get an interactive voice menu. E.g. for the redirection (translated):

  • "Press 1 to activate the redirection."
  • "Press 2 to deactivate the redirection."
  • "Confirm you selection using the "#" key."

If you now choose to activate the redirection ("1#"), the following message is played (translated):

  • The redirection was set.

You can now automate the setting by directly entering your choices following the number, seperating each input by the "#" sign:

  • 33603#1#12345#

Therefore, for removing the redirection you would enter:

  • 33603#2#

These numbers now can be used as targets for the function keys (type direct dial).

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