Master thesis / Diploma theses

  1. Topic assignment
    Students can choose from the list of available topics or propose a similar topic.
    Currently available topics: OpenOlat.
    Request by email to the supervisor.
  1. Proposal
    Write and submit a thesis proposal (5-10 pages) to the supervisor (incl. motivation, research question, main literature, research method, expected results, and outline).
  1. Application for the thesis
    Prerequisite: all modules of the Master's programme completed and a thesis proposal that the supervisor agreed upon (see point 2).
    • Form " Assessment of the compulsory module: Conception of the master thesis" (available here).
    • Form "Application for the Master Thesis " (available here).
    • Enrollment for the Master AG (participation in at least two sessions, in addition to the session with your own presentation).
  1. Writing of the thesis
  1. Submission of the thesis
    • Submit two hard-cover print versions of your thesis to the examination office. If, after consultation with the supervisor, electronic submission is sufficient, one printed version to the examination office will be sufficient.
    • Digital version (e.g. Word, PDF, Latex) by e-mail to the supervisor and the Department’s office (
    • Master theses are stamped in the examination office and the student receives a form for the assessment of the master thesis. The form has to be passed on to the supervisor.
  1. Public defense
    • Prerequisite: Submission of the thesis, earlier presentation possible in consultation with the supervisor.
    • Presentation in the Master AG: Request a presentation date (in consultation with the supervisor) via email to the Department’s office (carbon copy (cc) to the supervisor).
  1. Assessment
    For the completion of the Master's programme in the 4th semester: The timeline for the submission of the thesis and the public defense has to be coordinated with the supervisor in such a way that the assessment of the thesis can be completed by the end of October.
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