Master thesis / Diploma theses


1. End of January: Topic selection
Students choose their topic from the topic list or suggest a (similar) topic (The topic list will be released online before the christmas break; send email with selected topic to supervisor (first come - first serve).

2. End of February:
Start writing and submit thesis proposal (5-10 pages) to supervisor (incl. motivation, research question, key literature, research method, expected results, structure).

3. From March on: Registration of the Master thesis
(Requirement: Successful completion of all modules, and with supervisor agreed thesis proposal.)

  • Complete the form  „Assessment of the compulsory module: Preparation of the Master’s Thesis” to the examination office link.
  • „Application for a Master‘s Thesis Topic“ from LFU to „Prüfungsamt“ (formMsWord Icon)
  • Registration for Master AG

4. End of September: Writing the Master thesis with supervisor feedback

5. End of November: Finalising the Master thesis

6. End of December, the latest: Submitting the Master thesis
(-> completing master studies within 4. semesters: submitting the thesis until end of September)

  • Master thesis: min. 50 pages of content
    style sheet
      Latex  style sheet
  • Submission: 2 printouts to „Prüfungsamt“, and electronically (e.g. word, pdf, latech) with USB stick or link to archive to WI-secretary and by email to the supervisor.
    - in the „Prüfungsamt“ the master thesis will be ‚stamped‘ and the student receives an assessment form to be handed over to the supervisor.

7. End of January: Public defensio
within the Master AG
(-> for completion of the master program in the semester: Defensio until end of October) Requirement: submission of the Master thesis

8. End of February: Assessment
(-> for completion of the master program in the semester: Assessment until end of November)


This is an overview of Master/Diploma thesis topics. If you are interested in one of them, please contact the supervisor of the respective topic.

Here you can download a  style sheet for your thesis: style sheet MsWord Icon



Blockchain for social good - applications and challenges. Caroline Bonn, Ronald Maier no
Digital Tourism – Use of open data for creating value in the tourism sector. Caroline Bonn, Ronald Maier no
Analysis of the Impact of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on Cyber Threat Intelligence Sharing Practice. Clemens Sauerwein yes
Analysis of the Patching Behavior of Market-leading Software Vendors. Clemens Sauerwein yes
Towards a Data Quality Taxonomy for Shared Cyber Threat Intelligence. Clemens Sauerwein yes
Machines as leaders and how they exert control. Isabella Seeber no
Digital Workplaces. Isabella Seeber no
Can decision trees prevent cognitive errors and biases in decision making? (Eye-tracking Study). Kathrin Figl yes
Digital nudging with defaults and positioning effects in product configuration (Eye-tracking Study). Kathrin Figl yes
Improving the cognitive effectiveness of the OMG modeling standard "Decision Model and Notation" (DMN) (Eye-tracking Study). Kathrin Figl yes
The effect of defaults and positioning on users’ privacy settings (Eye-tracking Study). Kathrin Figl yes
Thinking fast and thinking slow on digital devices. Kathrin Figl yes
Analysis of Software Engineering Blogs. Michael Felderer no
The Role of Context in Software Engineering. Michael Felderer yes
Quality Assurance of AI-Based and Data-Intensive Software Systems. Michael Felderer no
Quality of Result Reporting in Software Engineering Research. Michael Felderer no 
Security in Open Source Projects. Michael Felderer no 
State of Practice on Requirements Validation. Michael Felderer no
Value of Software Quality. Michael Felderer yes
Visualisation of Software Test Results. Michael Felderer yes
Michael Tschuggnall yes
Comparison of quantity-based and order-based order release models. Hubert Missbauer yes
Chatbots in education. Ronald Maier, Isabella Seeber no
Effects of artificial intelligence in collaboration. Ronald Maier, Isabella Seeber no
Chatbots in idea selection. Ronald Maier, Ulrich Remus, Isabella Seeber, Renata Santiago-Walser
Market Analysis - Software Solutions for the Building Trade , in collaboratin with Würth IT GmbH (Würth-Hochenburger). Ruth Breu yes
Participation of the Building Trade in BIM-centric workflows, in collaboration with Würth IT GmbH (Würth-Hochenburger). Ruth Breu yes
Alternative Consensusmechanisms for Blockchain-Technolgy Evolution. Steffen Zimmermann no
An Automated Approach to Categorize Textual Consumer Reviews on E-Commerce Platforms. Steffen Zimmermann no
Approaching Cryptocurrency Mining from a Real Option Analysis Perspective. Steffen Zimmermann no 
Regulating the Sharing Economy: Level Playing Field with Traditional Businesses or Enhancing Innovation. Steffen Zimmermann no 
Reward Programs for Online Review Platforms: An Experimental Analysis of Design Feature Effects on Review Quantity and Effort. Steffen Zimmermann no 
Datification - secondary case analysis. Ulrich Remus no
Datification and beyond - a literature review. Ulrich Remus no
Technology-mediated control - case study. Ulrich Remus no
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