Sophia Institute Innsbruck - International Fellowship Programme for Female Leadership 


The Sophia Institute Innsbruck Program provides financial support for female doctoral students from the Global South and the opportunity for communal living. In addition, female students also receive professional support through mentoring and spiritual guidance. Through internship assignments and educational opportunities in the spirit of global learning,  the fellows’ will have the opportunity to share their perspectives with the general public.


The program focuses on:

  • Qualifying women from the Global South for leadership roles in academia, the church, and other sectors of society: It is undisputed that positive development ensues when  women play a central role in development cooperation and in society and culture more broadly. In the Global South, people with training in theology, philosophy, and religious education often assume high-value positions for social development. These positions are often located in education and social services, but also in peace-building and inter-religious dialogue, which can have an immensely positive impact on the respective communities. Women qualified in theology, philosophy, and religious education are still underrepresented in many countries, especially in the Global South. It is therefore crucial to promote women from the Global South in order to create diversity and equality in these fields and beyond.
  • Intercultural networking and exchange at the Theology Faculty and beyond: The presence of international students from the Global South and the multicultural composition of the student body is valuable in its own right, positively impacting teaching and learning at the university, and enabling new learning experiences for all parties. This benefits both students and faculty, enhances global partnership and intercultural understanding, and fosters lasting relationships between graduates and their place of study. In cooperation with the Diocese of Innsbruck, the Sophia Institute Innsbruck, in the spirit of global learning, also arranges internships and organizes educational events for fellows.


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