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The Student Card is the cash-card-sized student ID and gives the student access to all university facilities, e.g. the library and the Service Point.  The card features a chip that gives all students the possibility to use different services of the university irrespective of opening times. To do so it is important to have the validity date printed onto the card at the start of each semester at the Service-Point.

Functions of the Student Card

  • Official student ID
  • Official photo ID
  • Library card of the ULB
  • Payment of the tuition fee
  • Prolongation of the student card


Student Card Guidelines

  • The Student Card is an official photo ID in chip-card format. All legal regulations of a document apply.
  • Loss or theft must be reported to the police and a valid official ID must be presented. The cost for the issuing of a duplicate in the amount of €15 must be paid by the student.
  • Should your card be damaged, please contact the University Admission Department. In these cases too, the cost for the re-issuing in the amount of €15 must be paid by the students.


Issue of the Student Card

On admission to a study programme all students receive a free Student Card. In case of e.g. loss or change of name a charge in the amount of €15 must be paid for the issuing of a duplicate.


Duplicate of the Student Card

You receive a duplicate of your Student Card in case of

  • Loss
  • Theft
  • Damage
  • Change of name(s)/ (e.g. after marriage)

For issuing a duplicate the following is required:

  • Notification of loss issued by the police (in case of theft or other loss) + 1 copy
  • The filled-in request for a duplicate
  • Confirmation of the paid charge in the amount of €15 for the issuing of a duplicate of the Student Card (deposit receipt).

    Before the card is reissued the amount of €15 must be paid to the following account:

    Recipient: Universität Innsbruck
    Purpose of use: Duplikat KE 141000
    Customer data: KE 141000
    Applicant: Name and address, please also enter your matriculation number.

    IBAN: AT16 5700 0210 1113 0640

Service point:

Please come to the responsible unit of the University Admission Department (Campus Innrain, main building, Innrain 52, basement, room K110.,


Contact and Information

The University Admission Department is happy to answer all your questions on the Student Card.

University Admission Department

Universität Innsbruck - Campus Innrain
Main Building, Innrain 52
A-6020 Innsbruck

Tel.: +43 512 507-2061


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