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Checklist for Students: The new folder is finished! All you need to know about the electronic submission of your final thesis.


Since October 2017 the electronic submission of final scientific theses has been compulsory. In addition to the submission of the printed version, you must upload the PDF of your dissertation, Master’s or Diploma thesis with the corresponding data via the web form to the Repositorium of the University of Innsbruck.

Your thesis will be stored by the University library long-term. If you agree to the electronic publishing of your thesis, it will receive a permanent stable and quotable internet address and will be accessible by an interested public and researchers world-wide.

The new folder informs on the upload of university theses and Open Access publishing. You will find it online and also in the main library and the institutes’ libraries at the university as well as at the ÖH students’ union.

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Advice for the upload of university these

Manuela Lerch
Department of Digital Services
Tel.: +43 512 507 25404


Advice for using Open Access

Dr. Barbara Laner
AbtDepartment of Digital Services
Tel.: + 43 512 507 25401



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