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Studierende in der Bibliothek (Bild: Gerhard Berger)

Do you want to start an additional study programme?

Students at the University of Innsbruck, who would like to enrol in an additional Bachelor or Diploma study programme, can apply online from 27 June 2016 to 5 September 2016. To do so select the desired study programme from the offered study programmes and start the online application process … more »» (Photo: Gerhard Berger)

 isi Sprachen lernen: September intensiv 2016

Offers by isi

Head into a successful autumn with the energy from the summer behind you: Our new and varied September intensive course programme starts on 12th September 2016. Registration starts at 27th June … more »»


 Logo der Österreichischen HochschülerInnenschaft

Newsletter summer semester 2016 by the ÖH Student Union Innsbruck

Bicycle Repair and Selling Operation, Europe Day 2016, Mental Health Days, Career Lounge with the Hofer KG, ... more »»

Studierende im Eingangsbereich Hauptgebäude

Continuing Education

We are happy to forward you our new continuing education programme for the 2016/17 study year and hope to be able to welcome you to one of the numerous offers … more »»

Career-Service-Portal der Universität Innsbruck

The new Career-Service-Portal of the University of Innsbruck is now online!

Here you will find information on current job vacancies, application workshops and personal application checks or events. It pays to check it out! … more »»

OLAT macht mobil ...

"OLAT mobilises …"

Within the scope of the photo competition we would like to know: How does OLAT mobilise you? Show us how OLAT makes your days easier. Show us what you think of mobile studying. Make a picture of yourself, your friends, your study group, your course, your university … while learning "smartly" with your "mobile"! … more »»

Studierende mit Laptop (Bild: Gerhard Berger)

E-Tutoring @UIBK

Under the name of "E-Tutoring @UIBK" the new E-Tutor training takes off as of autumn ... mehr »» (Photo: Gerhard Berger)

Creative Brain (Bild: designed by freepik.com)   

Understandable & comparable? What do I need Learning Outcomes & ECTS-Credits for?

In the curricula you find them: Learning Outcomes and ECTS-Credits. But what are they actually about? … more »» (Picture: designed by freepik.com)   

Symbolbild: Kind © fotolia.com

News from the Children’s Office

The children’s office is a service institution at the University of Innsbruck and a point of contact for all members of the university with children. The children’s office advices you on all matters concerning children and child-care, informs on legal matters and aids and provides flexible child-care offers … more »» (Photo: symbolic picture of child © fotolia.com)

Igiaba Scego: Somalierin von der Herkunft, Italienerin aus Berufung (Foto: pixabay)

Upcoming event: Italy Centre

Time: Wed, 22 June 2016, 7:00 p.m.
Location: Die Bäckerei, Dreiheiligenstr. 21a, Innsbruck
Talks & Discussion
Igiaba Scego: Somalian by birth, Italian by calling
Language: German-English-Italian (Photo: pixabay)

Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Tirol

University and Provincial Library of the Tyrol

Information on the summer opening times at the University and Provincial Library of the Tyrol: https://www.uibk.ac.at/ulb/2016.html (Photo: Peter Mertz)

 Verein Soja aus ÖsterreichVerein Soja in Austria

Announcement of research sponsorships 2016 (PDF in german)

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