Studierende mit Laptop (Bild: Gerhard Berger)

Under the name of "E-Tutoring @UIBK" the new E-Tutor training takes off as of autumn.

Photo: Gerhard Berger



This training is aimed at all students who would like to actively contribute to design and hold e-learning formats, and to those who want to learn more about the topic. The training corresponds to 5 ECTS-Credits (which can be accredited for non-subject specific and interdisciplinary skills) and has a duration of one semester. It consists of a theoretic block course for conveying technical and didactical skills, which takes part before the start of the semester in September, and a practical part (advice and support of a course during the semester with media-supported know-how) plus an accompanying colloquium for in-depth academic discussion. More details can be found in the course catalogue (as of end of June: LV 179001 2016W).

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