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Continuing Education

Payroll Accounting Camp Tyrol: the continuing education offer for students

In July 2021, the University of Innsbruck offers its students for the first time the opportunity to take part in  the Summer School Payroll Accounting Camp Tyrol in cooperation with the Tyrolean regional office of the Chamber of Tax Advisors and Auditors.

Acquire professional skills

The Payroll Accounting Camp Tyrol is aimed at future legal practitioners as well as students and graduates of the University of Innsbruck and other universities who want to independently process the standard payroll accounting processes and who want to carry out ongoing accounting independently in their professional environment using standard payroll software. Precondition is a completed Bachelor’s programme.

Gaining practical experience

Having passed the in-depth basic training within the scope of the Summer School from 5 July to 15 July 2021, you will be capable in the fields of tax law in payroll accounting, social security and organisation in payroll accounting and labour law for payroll accounting.
The acquired knowledge and skills will then be put to practice: In 80 practical hours in a tax consultancy you will gain valuable experience and make contacts in the industry.

Qualified job entry

As a graduate of a law or business management programme, nothing can stop you from embarking on a successful career after the Payroll Accounting Camp Tyrol. You will be familiar with the job of payroll accounting, can work with the RZL payroll accounting software, have already gained experience in payroll accounting during your practical experience and have established your first professional networks.

More information on the offer is available on the website of the Division for Continuing Education   .

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