VideokameraFor several years now the Department for New Media and Learning Technologies of the ZID Information Technology Services have been equipping the lecture halls and seminar rooms with stationary technology for recording and/or broadcasting events.

This way lecturers have the possibility to broadcast pictures and sound into other lecture halls (we refer to this as lecture hall broadcasting) or in the Internet (live-stream). The events can then be provided in the OpenOLAT learning management system online. Depending on the equipment in the respective lecture hall it is also possible to record the event.

If audio-video files are made accessible on-demand or per live-stream, band width management, continuous loading, fast forwarding and rewarding and all that facilitates the watching by the user needs to be taken into consideration

Within the scope of modernisation and renovation works the lecture halls and rooms at the University of Innsbruck have gradually been equipped with modern streaming equipment. There are different broadcasting and recording possibilities already available at three locations.

At the Campus Universitätsstraße (up to 10 lectures are broadcasted every week there) it is possible to send camera pictures, viewer pictures (beamers) and sound. The very first streamed lecture at the University of Innsbruck – a half-automised solution back then - took place in the SOWI-AULA in 2006. In 2009 the project IPTV brought new impetus into the theme and led to the first fix installed infrastructure in our university. More campuses followed, e.g. the Campus Innrain. In the CCB building, but also in the Campus Technik, it is possible to broadcast from one room to the other thanks to direct wiring. At the GeiWi it is possible to stream into other rooms and in the Internet. With the multi-purpose room, which was equipped with state-of-the-art lecture hall technology in 2012, the GeiWi has a special feature which offers not only innovative technology, but also a homey ambiance.

By accessing the following link you can see a full list of which rooms are connected, how they are equipped and how they function: Streaming Media at the University of Innsbruck.

For the future it is also necessary to master further challenges. Within the scope of the Mechatronics study programme in Lienz (iPoint article of 07.12.2015) a lecture hall will be adapted for live-streaming at the Campus Technik to begin with. Infrastructure works are already being executed at full speed.

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