Research Reports

the city in the age of hyperobjects I

 The city in the Age of Hyperobjects I
Design Research Project at SCI-Arc, 2016, Peter Trummer


the city in the age of hyperobjects II

The city in the Age of Hyperobjects II
Design Research Project at SCI-Arc, 2017, 
Peter Trummer  

the city as a mega building

The City as a MegaBuilding
Design Research Project at SCI-Arc, 2018, 
Peter Trummer 


the death of the author

 The Death of the Author
Design Research Project at SCI-Arc, 2018, Peter Trummer

the city under a single roof

The city under a single roof
Design Research Project at SCI-Arc, 2019, Peter Trummer 

the city as a house

 The city as a House
Design Research Project at SCI-Arc, 2021, Peter Trummer 


 the city of three objects

 The city of three objects
Design Research Project at SCI-Arc, 2018, Peter Trummer















cover nanjing charter

Eric Owen Moss, u.a., Peter Trummer


cover conversations about architecture

Conversations about Architecture and Objects: Full-color Version
2021, Tom Wiscombe, u.a., Peter Trummer


Architecture and Philosophy
2022, Graham Harman, u.a., Peter Trummer


Notes on Mechanology
Log 49, pp., 2020, Peter Trummer



The City in the Age of Hyperobjects
Log 45, pp. 35 - 42, 2019, Peter Trummer




Zero Piranesi. Towards a New Device of Object Plans
SAC Journal 5, pp. 82 - 94, 2019, Peter Trummer


Zero Architecture. A Neo-Realist Approach to the Architecture of the City
SAC Journal 5, pp. 12 - 19, 2019, Peter Trummer


Bio-Politics in the Age of Urbanism
Offramp 14, webpage, 2017, Peter Trummer

a speculative history of asset architecture

A speculative History of Asset Architecture 

in: Rahim, Ali (ed.): Asset Architecture. Pennsylvania: University of Pennsylvania - School of Design, 2015. ISBN 978­‐1­4951­77354, 14-21, Peter Trummer

cover orchestra

Orkhēstra: A Disiplinary Critical Assessment

in: SAC Journal 2, 2015, 118-123
Peter Trummer

cover offramp pile city

Pile City

in: Offramp. The SCI-Arc Review of Contemporary Architecture. p. 64-71, 2014, Peter Trummer

cover An object oriented approach

An object oriented approach to architecture and its city

in: IAAC bits, p. 2-11, 2014
Peter Trummer




The City as an Object: Thoughts on the Form of the City
in: Log, No. 27, New York: Anyone Corporation 2013: 51-57, Peter Trummer



in: Leach, N.; Weiguo, X. (ed.): Design Intelligence. Advanced Computational Research, Beijing: China Architecture & Building Press, 2013, 140-145, Peter Trummer


Morphogenetic Urbanism. Towards a Materialist Approach of Masterplanning in: Verebes, Tom (ed.): Masterplanning the Adaptive City. Computational Urbanism in the TwentyFirstCentury (London:Routledge, 2013), 153­‐157. ISBN 978‐0415534802, Peter Trummer


cover project summer 2013

The City as an Aggregated Object

in: PROJECT, A journal for Architecture, 2013, Peter Trummer


Population Thinking in Architecture  in: de Roo, Gert, et all (ed.): Complexity and Planning. Systems, Assemblages and Simulations (Farnham: AshgatePublishing, 2012), 333 – 346. ISBN 978-­1409403470, Peter Trummer



Associative Design - from type to population
in: Menges, Achim; Ahlquist, Sean (ed.): Computational Design Thinking: Computation Design Thinking (Weinheim: John Wiley & Sons, 2011), 179 - 197. ISBN 978-­0­470665657, Peter Trummer


urbanism in the age of bio politics

Urbanism in the Age of Bio-Politics

Roland Rainer Chair 2009/2010, Wien: Akademie der bildenden Künste, 2011. ISBN 978-3-950-32111-1, Peter Trummer, Daniela Herold


Morphogenetic Urbanism

in: Architectural Design, 2009, Digital Cities, Peter Trummer

cover population thinking volume

Population thinking in the age of bio-politics

in: VOLUME 18: After Zero,2008
Peter Trummer



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