Olaf Reimero_reimer

Professor of Experimental Physics
(Astro- and Particle Physics)

PhD 1995, University of Siegen



Olaf Reimer’s research interests can be made out at the intersection of strophysics and particle physics, a branch that became commonly known meanwhile as astroparticle physics. Injection, acceleration, propagation, and interaction of charged cosmic particles and nuclei yield observable signatures in the high-energy photon and non-photon messenger channels that suit to reveal the physical processes and astronomical objects in our Universe at extreme energies. The experimental astroparticle physics group collaborates in the instrument teams of some of the world’s most capable gamma-ray observatories on ground (H.E.S.S.), and in space (Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope), and is involved in the next generation gamma-ray observatory, the Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA).


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