Ralf Kissmannr_kissmann

Assistant Professor of Experimental Physics 
PhD 2007,University of Bochum

Ralf Kissmann's research focus lies on the fields of astroparticle physics, astrophysics and space physics. Common grounds for his work are applications of numerical methods to develop theoretical predictions as well as to compare to actual observations like the gamma-ray data from space-borne (Fermi telescope) and ground-based (the H.E.S.S. atmospheric Cherenkov telescopes) telescopes. In  the astroparticle physics group numerical tools are developed and applied to understand the origin and production processes of such high energy photons. With these tools one can disentangle the spatially resolved gamma-radiation of electrons and primary and secondary cosmic ray particles in general.

Selected Publications

  • Accretion Disk Turbulence With a Detailed Thermodynamics: R. Kissmann, M. Flaig and W. Kley, ASPC 444, 36 (2011)

  • A central conservative scheme for general rectangular grids, R. Kissmann, J. Pomoell, W. Kley, JCoPh 228, 2119 (2009)
  • MHD Modeling of Coronal Large-Amplitude Waves Related to CME Lift-off, J. Pomoell, R. Vainio and R. Kissmann, SolPh 253, 249 (2008)
  • Local turbulence simulations for the multiphase ISM, R. Kissmann, J. Kleimann, H. Fichtner, R. Grauer, MNRAS 391, 1577 (2008)
  • The influence of CIRs on the energetic electron flux at 1 AU, R. Kissmann, H. Fichtner, S. E. S. Ferreira, A&A 419, 357 (2004)


Experimental Astroparticle- and Particle Physics

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