Gerhard Kirchmairg_kirchmair

Professor of Experimental Physics
PhD 2010,University of Innsbruck

Gerhard Kirchmair's research is focused on superconducting circuits and their applications for quantum optics, quantum information science and quantum simulation. Superconducting electrical circuits and Josephson junctions, are used to realize circuit quantum electrodynamics (cQED) systems. The ability to design the energy level structure of these superconducting circuits using the non-linearity of the Josephson junction allows us to engineer artificial atoms and couple them to electrical resonators. These systems are one of the prototypes for studying light-matter interactions on the quantum level akin to more standard cavity QED experiments. We will study ways to implement quantum information protocols and realize quantum simulation and quantum optics experiments utilizing this technology. We will also try to extend this technology to hybrid quantum devices by combining superconducting qubits and AMO systems.These hybrid systems also open up the possibility to look at new quantum effects and hold the promise to develop devices for high-precision sensing and metrology applications.



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