Anita ReimerAnita Reimer

Univ.-Prof. Dr.
PhD 1997, Technische Universität München


The central theme of Anita Reimer's research in theoretical astroparticle physics is the understanding of particle and photon interactions in cosmic environments, and their propagation from astronomical high energy cosmic sources, in order to help answering questions about the physics, energetics and non-thermal content (e.g., relativistic particle composition) of those sources, and their feedback to the cosmic environment, through multi-frequency/multi-messenger modeling. She has special expertise in hadronic interactions in astrophysical environments, and created together with colleagues from Australia, USA and Germany, the SOPHIA Monte Carlo Code, an event generator for photon-hadron interactions in astrophysical settings. Based on this code they also developed a hadronic jet emission model for application to active galactic nuclei. She has also experience in the model development and broadband modeling of the non-thermal emission from stellar colliding wind systems, and clusters of galaxies.
In general, she works rather closely with the corresponding observer teams of astroparticle physics instruments. E.g., she is currently a member of the H.E.S.S.-collaboration and the Fermi-LAT instrument team.



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