Introductory Course on Quantum Information 
Innsbruck, 07-­10 July 2014

quantum information course

including a colloquium of the Innsbruck-Vienna SFB “Foundations and Applications of Quantum Science (FoQuS)”


Martí Cuquet (University of Innsbruck),
Ben Lanyon, Adi Makmal (IQOQI and University of Innsbruck) 


Nicole Jorda, sp-­


Scope of the Course

The short course on 07-10 July 2014 will give a basic introduction into the fascinating field of quantum information, which offers many exciting research opportunities for young researchers. The course is addressed to students early in their master program and does not require any special knowledge on the field besides basic knowledge of quantum physics and atomic, molecular, and optical physics.


Fourteen lectures given by experts from Innsbruck, Vienna and abroad will cover the main topics such as basic concepts of quantum information and implementations of quantum information processing in various systems. In addition, students will be given the opportunity to visit state-of-the-art laboratories at the University of Innsbruck and the Institute of Quantum Optics and Quantum Information (IQOQI). The school will start with the registration and a get together on the evening of Monday, July the 7'th.

On July the 10’th, participants of the course are invited to attend a colloquium where current, ongoing (SFB) research will be presented. There will be a joint social event in the evening of the 10’th. The colloquium will end on the 11’th.


In addition to students from the three member universities of the SFB (Univ. Innsbruck, Univ. Vienna, and Univ. of Technology Vienna) we invite external students to participate. We will be able to sponsor the participation of about 20 external students, covering their travel and local expenses.


Please fill in the form and return it to us ( before the application deadline of 30 May 2014. Applications will be notified on their acceptance no later than 15 June 2014.


The school is sponsored by the SFB project "Foundations and applications of quantum science" (FoQus), the Innsbruck Physics Research Center (University of Innsbruck) and the Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information. The accomodation will be organized by the Research Center. 


The school will take place in the Technik Campus of the University of Innsbruck. This campus is located on the west side of the city, close to the airport.

For information on how to reach the campus please use the following link:

The map below shows the relevant locations on campus.

The first meeting place, for the reception and get-together on Monday evening at 8pm, is the 3rd floor of the IQOQI building. The lectures will be held in lecture hall C in the Viktor-Franz-Hess-Haus (see map 

ATTENTION: due to construction work at "Kranebitterallee" and "Technikerstrasse" the busline O as well as LK take another route (the bus still stops at "Hötting West") - more details about alternative bus 
stops etc. are available here:

Important Dates

  • 30.05.2014: Deadline for registration
  • 07.07.2014: Start of the course (evening reception)
  • 10.07.2014: End of the course (midday) and beginning of the SFB colloquium
  • 11.07.2014: End of SFB Colloquium

How to reach us


Please download the map of our campus here

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