Innsbruck Physics Colloquium
Summer 2024

Tuesdays, 16:30h, lecture hall C

Innsbruck Physics Colloquium

The Innsbruck Physics Research Center organizes the Innsbruck Physics Colloquium always on Tuesdays at 16:30h in lecture hall C during the semester.

Occasionally the colloquium will be preceded by a Doctoralprogramme Atoms, Light, and Molecules Pre-Talk.

Organizers: Katrin Erath-Dulitz, Hanns-Christoph Nägerl, Tim Schrabback


Dominic Bowman, Newcastle University (School of Mathematics, Statistics and Physics)

Asteroseismology of massive stars: new insights of stellar interiors from their pulsations.


Jacqueline Bloch, Centre de Nanosciences et de Nanotechnologies (C2N, Paris)

When light sheds light on condensed matter(Innsbruck Physics Lecture, 17.15h, HS A)


Maria Wächtler, RPTU Kaiserslautern-Landau

Dynamics of charge-carriers in semiconductor nanocrystals for light-driven catalysis.


Matthew Kenworthy, Leiden University, Searches for Extrasolar Planets (Astronomy)

title to be announced

Erwin Frey, LMU München (Statistical and Biological Physics)

title to be announced


Wolfgang Streicher, Innsbruck University (Institute  für Konstruktion und Materialwissenschaften)

Energy-efficient building with a focus on renewable energy.


Jorryt Matthee, Institute of Science and Technology (IST - Austria)

Galaxies and supermassive black holes in the early universe: insights after 1 year of JWS.


Lutz Schweikhard, Universität Greifswald

title to be announced


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