About Innsbruck

From all major cities in Austria, Innsbruck, the capital of Tyrol province, has the most picturesque backdrop: nestled in the gorgeous deep valley of the River Inn, between the scenic Karwendel Mountains to the north and Tuxer Mountains to the south. The city offers a long list of outdoor activities, but it is most often visited by the skiing and mountain hiking lovers. A variety of mountain transportation facilities can be found in the city, providing numerous opportunities for skiing and walking. The main street of Innsbruck is the beautiful, lively and elegant Maria Theresien Street, which is a major transport artery but is closed for private vehicles.

Innsbruck is a pleasant and quiet city with down to earth atmosphere and citizens who enjoy a high standard of living. There are a great number of architectural monuments to discover and most of them are compactly located within the area of the historical city centre (Altstadt). The city is the third largest university centre of Austria and offers an intense night life and numerous entertainment venues..


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