How to get to Innsbruck

Innsbruck, the capital of Tyrol province, lies in the centre of the Alps and due to its well-developed touristic infrastructure it’s easy to access from round the world.

Innsbruck's international airport can be reached directly on numerous scheduled flights and charters, or via Frankfurt or Vienna. From Munich (200 km) or Salzburg airport (180 km) it is a 2-hour trip by either train or car. Daily shuttle bus services are available from Munich airport. Alternatively airport transfer shuttle services can be booked online.

Innsbruck Train Station is centrally located and internationally well connected.

Public transport in Innsbruck

A two weeks public transport ticket for your personal use will be provided for all participants of the MATI course and a one week ticket for all participants of the MOTI course to explore Innsbruck. The tickets are valid for one person in Innsbruck.

More details regarding your trips within Innsbruck including time tables of busses and trams, a city map and a journey planner can be found on the IVB webpage.

An alternative journey planner is available on the webpage of the regional transport association (includes Innsbruck, but currently only in German)

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