The High Energy Radiation Transport Code

Brief Code description:

We have devised a time-dependent blazar emission code that has the capability to follow the time evolution of injected relativistic particles and calculates the emitted radiation.

  • Considers a homogeneous spherical emission region of (jet-frame) size R' upon injection in a constant speed conical jet;
  • Emission region interfused by tangled magnetic field of strength B' upon injection;
  • Emission/loss processes: Photomeson production [using the SOPHIA code: Muecke et al 2000], Bethe-Heitler pair production, photon-photon pair production, inverse Compton scattering (incl. Klein-Nishina treatment), synchrotron radiation (incl. quantum regime treatment [Brainerd & Petrosian 1987] from protons, electrons/positrons, charged pions & muons, decay of unstable particles, adiabatic losses/charged particle and photon escape; 'on-off switch' for all processes.
  • Several injection scenarios (instantaneous, continuous) for relativistic particle population of various composition;
  • Photon/particle transport by matrix multiplication method [Protheroe & Stanev 1993]

The modular design of this code ensures high flexibility.

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