Ambraser Heldenbuch | Das Projekt 01

Images: © Wien, ÖNB, Cod. Ser. n. 2663.

TEI Converter for E-Book and Print Editions

Project leader: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Mario Klarer

Project description

The TEI Converter project is the extension of the ÖAW go!digital 2.0 project “Ambraser Heldenbuch: Transcription and Scientific Dataset” as part of the national projects CLARIN-AT (Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure) and DARIAH-AT (Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities) and is funded by the Austrian Academy of Sciences. The research project tries to develop a software for establishing print or e-book editions out of TEI files. In a first step the program will be adjusted to the requirements of an edition of a verse-based text, especially the edition of the Ambraser Heldenbuch that has been transcribed and tagged before.

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