Maximilian goes digital:
From “remembrance” to data storage

Funding organization: Office of the Tyrolean Regional Government and Provincial Capital of Innsbruck

Year of Maximilian 2019 – €500,000.00

Project duration: 2018–2021

Principal investigator: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Mario Klarer

Project description

Throughout his life, Emperor Maximilian I was concerned with the cultural legacy of his image and his reign – or “remembrance” as he put it. In order to preserve his legacy for posterity, he made use of a variety media – most of them very modern for his time.

Maximilian’s commissioned art in particular bears witness to this. For the 2019 Maximilian celebrations, the City of Innsbruck and the Province of Tyrol are financing a large-scale research project. Three commissioned works relating to Maximilian, from both current and completed commissioned digital works and research projects of the University of Innsbruck, will be made accessible to the general public using state-of-the-art digitisation methods.

This includes:
  1. the Ambraser Heldenbuch as two-dimensional book art
  2. the tomb in the Innsbruck Hofkirche with three-dimensional reliefs
  3. the Imperial Monument for the Speyer Cathedral as a commissioned but unfinished figurative work

Nenn mich Max

Nenn mich Max. Ein Kaiser erzählt von seinem Leben (Call me Max: An emperor talks about his life)

This book was conceived and designed by the high school student Lena Garber in cooperation with HTL Bau und Design Innsbruck as part of the “Maximilian goes digital” project and the Sparkling Science project SLAVES.

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