em. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Matthias Scharer

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about the Person Matthias Scharer




 01.09.1996 - 2014

o. Univ.-Prof. for catechetics and religious pedagogy at the Theological Faculty of Innsbruck

since 1994 

Member of the Austrian professional organisation for supvervision and psychosocial consultancy and the professional group of suverpision in WILL International

since 1993 

International graduation in TCI. Practical theological reception of that Approach

1994 - 1996 

 Rector of the Catholic-Theoligcal Academy/Theological Faculty of Linz

1989 - 1996 

o. Professor für Pädagogik, Religionspädagogik und Katechetik an der Theol. Fakultät Linz und Vorstand des Institutes

Sept. 1989 

Diploma of Theme-Centred Interaction (R. Cohn)

1986 - 1989 

A.o. professor for pedagogy, religious pedagogy and catechetics at the Theological Faculty in Linz 

1985 - 1986 

Head of established posts at the Pedagogic Institute; assistant lecturere at the University of Salzburg


Promotion to Dr. theol.

 01.04.1984 - 01.04.1985

Defin. Professor (LPA) im Planstellenbereich der Pädagogischen Institute; Lehrbeauftragter der Universität Salzburg 

1979 - 1984 

Defin. professor (LPA) in the area of established posts ah the Pedagogic Institute; assistant lecturere at the University of Salzburg

 1976 - 1979

Teacher at a secondary school. Avocational training in "Gestaltpädagogik" (Gestalteducation)

1972 - 1976 

General secretary of the "Kath. Aktion Salzburg". Avocational education to contemplative meditation by W. Massa, W. Jäger and others with a degree in 1980 



  • o. Univ.-Prof. for catechetics/religious pedagogy and technical didactics
  • Head of deparment of the Insitute of Practical Theology
  • Head of section Catechetics, Religious Pedagogy and Religious Didactics
  • Head of research cluster Communicative Theology
  • Administrator and scientific leader of the university training course Communicative Theology
  • Commissioner for the BA, MA-Program Catholic Religious Pedagogy and for the teacher training at the Theological Faculty
  • Scientific leader for the MA-Programm Islamic Religious Pedagogy
  • Member of the Commission for Curricula at the Theological Faculty
  • Member of the Commission for Curricula of teaching posts at the University of Innsbruck
  • Member of the university's senat
  • Member of the university's arbitration commission
  • Born in 1946 in Mauerkirchen (Upper Austria)
  • Married; three children
  • Sudies of theology and history at Salzburg University
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