March 2023
Happy to announce that "Multi-site conformational exchange in the synthetic neomycin-sensing riboswitch studied by 19F NMR" is now published in Angewandte Chemie (collaboration with groups of Remco Sprangers and Jens Wöhnert). link
Anna Schmiedbauer successfully finished her Bachelor Thesis. Congrat

February 20232
Raphael Plangger successfully defended his PhD Thesis! Congratulations and we wish you best with the new endeavours ahead!
Maximilian Muehlbauer joins our group to conduct his Master Thesis. Welcome!

December 2022
Filip Sebst (PostDoc, Silantes GmbH) joins our group to optimize the synthetic access to stable isotope labeled pseudouridine and derivatives thereof. Welcome!

November 2022
Happy to announce that " Structural basis for recognition of transcriptional terminator structures by ProQ/FinO domain RNA chaperones" is now published in Nature Communications (collaboration with groups of Mark Glover and Xavier Charpentier). link
Alexandra Kobler joins our group to conduct her Master Thesis. Welcome!
Greta Waibl joins the group to conduct her Bachelor Thesis. Welcome!

October 2022
Dora Fleten joins the group to conduct her Bachelor Thesis. Welcome!

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