Universität Innsbruck



February 2019
Alexandra Kobler joined our group to work on her BSc Thesis. Welcome!

January 2019
A collaborational work with the Erlacher group (Medical University of Innsbruck) on eukaryotic translation elongation and its modulation by nucleotide derivatives in the mRNA coding sequence is online. link

December 2018
A collaborational work with the Woehnert group (University of Frankfurt) on the solution structure of the SAM/SAH-ribsowitch is online. link  


Institute of Organic Chemistry

CMBI - Center of Molecular Biosciences Innsbruck

Research Focus

Nucleic acid chemistry

  • chemical tools for nucleic acid NMR spectroscopy
  • synthesis of isotope labeled DNA/RNA precursors
  • solid phase nucleic acid synthesis
  • enzymatic RNA synthesis

NMR spectroscopy

  • functional dynamics of nucleic acids
  • 3D structure of RNA/DNA excited states
  • solution structure of functional nucleic acids
  • relaxation dispersion NMR spectroscopy 
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