Universität Innsbruck



May 2019
Manuel Otter and David Glänzer joined our group to work on their MSc Theses. Welcome!
A collaborational work with the Micura group (University of Innsbruck) on the synthetic acces to a 3-deazaguanosine building block is accepted in Organic Letters. 
A collaborational work of the NMR assignment of the GTP ‑binding RNA aptamer 9‑12 in complex with GTP is online. link

February 2019
Alexandra Kobler joined our group to work on her BSc Thesis. Welcome!

January 2019
A collaborational work with the Erlacher group (Medical University of Innsbruck) on eukaryotic translation elongation and its modulation by nucleotide derivatives in the mRNA coding sequence is online. link 


Institute of Organic Chemistry

CMBI - Center of Molecular Biosciences Innsbruck

Research Focus

Nucleic acid chemistry

  • chemical tools for nucleic acid NMR spectroscopy
  • synthesis of isotope labeled DNA/RNA precursors
  • solid phase nucleic acid synthesis
  • enzymatic RNA synthesis

NMR spectroscopy

  • functional dynamics of nucleic acids
  • 3D structure of RNA/DNA excited states
  • solution structure of functional nucleic acids
  • relaxation dispersion NMR spectroscopy 
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