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September 2020
The UIBK spin-off INNotope is finally operational. INNotope is your company for stable isotope labeling of nucleic acids. INNotope is a spin-off of the University of Innsbruck located in Innsbruck – in the Heart of the Alps. We are specialized in the production of stable isotope labeled nucleic acid precursors and oligonucleotides.

For futher information please visit the company's website: 

Johannes Kremser leaves our group and starts as a research scientist at Bachem, Basel. Good Luck!

August 2020
Alessandro Marotto joined our research group to conduct his Master Thesis. Welcome!
Marc Reier joined our research group to conduct his Bachelor Thesis. Welcome!

July 2020
Our work on combined 19F/13C labeling in pyrimidines to unlock the aromatic 19F-13C TROSY effect in RNA is online. link
Elisabeth Strebitzer leaves our group and starts as a research scientist at Roche Penzberg. Good Luck!

June 2020
Anna Pavun and Matthias Ammann started working on their Bachelor Theses in our lab. Welcome!



Institute of Organic Chemistry

CMBI - Center of Molecular Biosciences Innsbruck

Research Focus

Nucleic acid chemistry

  • chemical tools for nucleic acid NMR spectroscopy
  • synthesis of isotope labeled DNA/RNA precursors
  • solid phase nucleic acid synthesis
  • enzymatic RNA synthesis

NMR spectroscopy

  • functional dynamics of nucleic acids
  • 3D structure of RNA/DNA excited states
  • solution structure of functional nucleic acids
  • relaxation dispersion NMR spectroscopy 
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