CV Christoph Kreutz


Christoph Kreutz

Organic Chemistry, University of Innsbruck (CCB)
Innrain 80/82
6020 Innsbruck



10/2003 Master in Chemistry (University of Innsbruck)
07/2007 PhD in Chemistry (University of Innsbruck)
03/2017 venia docendi “Organic Chemistry”



2007-2008 Postdoctoral fellow in the group of Robert Konrat (University of Vienna)
2008-2012 Junior research associate at the Institute of Organic Chemistry (University of Innsbruck)
2012-2017 Assistant professor at the Institute of Organic Chemistry (University of Innsbruck)
since 2017 Associate professor at the Institute of Organic Chemistry (University of Innsbruck) 


2008 PhD award of the Austrian Chemical Society (GOECH)
2008 Georg & Christine Sosnovsky PhD award (University of Innsbruck)
2015 Habilitation award of the Austrian Chemical Society (GOECH)



2009-2011 Tyrolean Science Fund ‘NMR spectroscopic study of a biologically relevant RNA peptide interaction’
2009-2011 Hypo Bank grant ‘NMR spectroscopic study on the GEMM aptamer domain’
2010-2011 young researcher grant (University of Innsbruck)
2012-2013 D. Swarovski research grant
2012-2015 FWF-ANR I844 ‘Investigating RNA folding and chaperone activity by multidimensional NMR spectroscopy’
2012-2014 Tyrolean Science Fund ‘Rational design of high-affinity riboswitch aptamer ligands’
2014-2017 FWF stand alone project P26550 ‘Resolving excited states of a ribozyme by NMR’
2015-2017 Tyrolean Science Fund ‘Nature vs. SELEX – folding landscapes of the naturally occurring and artificially derived HIV Rev peptide RNA’
2016-2019 FWF stand alone project P28725 ‘Seeing the invisible - excited state RNA structures’
2017-2020 FWF Stand alone project P30370 ‘Effect of RNA modifications on structure and dynamics probed by NMR’
2017-2021 FFG project ‘West Austrian BioNMR’ (funding for NMR infrastructure)
2020-2023 FWF Stand alone project P32773 'Expanding the NMR toolbox for integrated structural biology of nucleic acids'
2021-2024 FWF Stand alone project P34370 'Combining atomic mutagenesis and SI-labeling to probe excited states in RNA by NMR'
2022-2026 FWF International project I5287 'Pseudocontact chemical shifts in RNA via lanthanide chelate tagging' - together with the research group of Daniel Haeussinger (University Basel)

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