Media - Knowledge - Education 2021: Critical Ecologies and Ecologies of Criticism

International Conference at the Leopold-Franzens-University Innsbruck (September 21-22, 2021)

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many things in 2020, including the perception of ecological crises. On the one hand, this concerns ecological dimensions of environmental damage, climate development, biodiversity and sustainability deficits of all kinds; on the other hand, it is also about metaphorical applications of the concept of ecology, when, for example, there is talk of a digital climate change, of datafication of communication ecologies, of post-democratic dynamics of political ecologies or of commercialized media ecologies in digital capitalism.

The critical dynamics of development are the cause and object of criticism in multiple ways. This concerns different forms of scientific, artistic, every-day world and journalistic critique as well as different paradigmatic orientations of neo-Marxist, phenomenological, political-activist, poststructuralist or postcolonial critique.

The conference aims at interweaving descriptions of ecological crises and their effects with critical perspectives of analysis, description and action. It is an interdisciplinary event and offers discursive spaces for theoretical reflections and normative analyses as well as spaces for practical workshops and hands-on testing of teaching and learning materials.


Conference concept: Andreas Beinsteiner, Nina Grünberger, Theo Hug, Suzanne Kapellari

Conference organization: Marco Achhorner, Nadine Blaas, Sarah Giuliani-Panizzutti

Website: Manfred Oettl and Marco Achhorner

Weblink: tba

Conference languages: German and English

Program: tba


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