Porträt Karin SchnassKarin Schnass
Source of the start project.

Has an MSc in math from the University of Vienna and a PhD in computer, communication and information sciences from EPFL. Despite these fancy degrees she neither believes in the axiom of choice nor can she fix computers.

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Porträt Simon RuetzSimon Ruetz
PhD student and tablet whisperer.

Has an MSc in financial math from ETH Zurich since December 2022 also a PhD from the University of Innsbruck. He worked on conditioning of random subdictionaries, rejective sampling (aka the hottest topic in discrete probability of the 60ies), revolutionised our view of MOD and ODL for dictionary learning and on the side improved variable density subsampling for compressed sensing. Academia shed a tear when - a month before project end - he left to work for


Porträt Marie PaliMarie Christine Pali
PhD student and renaissance woman.

Has an MSc in math since August 2021 also a PhD from the University of Innsbruck. Joined the project in November 2016 for an internship and 4 months later decided to go for the PhD with us, where she developed her endurance and probability skills while working on extending recovery results for dictionary learning and sparse approximation to more complicated coefficient and noise models. She is journeywoman for carpentry, expert for Navier Stokes equations, wizard of MRI imaging and since March 2022 working on medical imaging and neuroscience for



Porträt Elisabeth HellElisabeth Hell
PhD student.

Has an MSc in teaching math and chemistry from the University of Innsbruck. She joined as PhD student in November 2020 for a year but after a parental break decided to rather be a project manager at

Data Lab Hell.

Flavio TeixeiraFlavio Teixeira
Postdoc and computer expert.

Has MSc/PhD degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Brasilia and the University of Victoria. Joined the project in April 2016 to work on compressed dictionary learning and to remind Karin to water the plant. He actually knows how to program and volunteered to turn all our matlab hacks into proper C or Python toolboxes! Unfortunately the Canadian residence permit threatened to expire and he left end of 2018 - before we could take him up on the offer.

Porträt Michael SandbichlerMichael Sandbichler
Adopted PhD student and evil/math genius.

Has MSc degrees in math and physics and since June 2018 also a PhD degree in math from the University of Innsbruck. Joined the project right from the beginning until March'18 to work on analysis operator learning. Used to amaze with total lack of any programming style and the ability to understand and translate Karin's half sentences. In April '18 he started working as Vision Software Engineer (irony) at

Besi Austria GmbH.


Porträt Andreas KoflerAndreas Kofler
Our man in Berlin.

Has an MSc in math from the University of Innsbruck and joined the project for a 4-month PhD-trial in October 2015. Gave Michi and Karin the holy blackbox for using the computing cluster (all parts since confirmed necessary by Flavio and several calls from cluster maintenance), but then decided to get a real job. Once the real job turned surreal he went to Berlin, where he has by now completed his PhD in CT/MRT imaging. At project end he started working as researcher for

PTB - (German) National Metrology Institute.



Achilles Tzioufas
Postdoc, May 2019 to July 2020.

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