Data Protection - EU LAW (EU-DSGVO)

Name and contact of the responsible person:
OR Mag. Christoph Kornberger
Incoming Coordinator
+0043 512 507 73.181

Contact of the data protection official at Innsbruck University:

The students data will be processed and forwarded in the frame of the students exchange. Data will be exchanged and fowarded between the IWW-Office as "Incoming coordinator" and the partner institution (which can be outside of the european union) to fulfill the administration work and to support the student. Data will also exchanged or forwarded within the university to working members at Innsbruck University if required.
Data will not be forwarded to a thired party, except in case of a real emergency and only data which are required in this certain case (eg. hospital, police, accident, etc.)

The student whos data are saved in the IWW-Database has the right of:
- information
- wirthdrawal
- adjustment
- delition
- restriction of processing
- legal caveat
- objection at the data protection authority

If the data we are askingfor  will not be provided, the IWW office members as incoming coordinator and supporter of the registered exchange students at the IWW Office, will not be able to identify the student, to issue and/or sign documents, complete forms and to support the student at Innsbruck University during the students exchange.

The following data can be provided later if the student wants to have certain documents completed:
- passport data --> except students who need to apply for a visa, that we can sent an invitation letter
- insurance data

The following data will be deleted after the end of the students exchange respectively after sending the "Transcript of Records"
But the student can claim to delete the following data at any time:
- passport data
- insurance data
- medical and disability data

The students data will be saved on a secure server at Innsbruck University. Only members of the IWW-Office have acess to the IWW-Database.

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