Christina Antenhofer, Günter Bischof, Robert L. Dupont, Ulrich Leitner (eds.): Cities as Multiple Landscapes – Investigating the Sister Cities Innsbruck and New Orleans (2016),  interdisciplinary Urban Research



Contemporary Austrian Studies


Contemporary Austrian Studies (CAS) is a peer-reviewed publication dedicated to the empirical investigation of modern-day Austrian history, politics, and society. It is published jointly by the University of New Orleans Press and Innsbruck University Press.


 Großglockner briefmarkeMyths in Austrian History


  • Volume 29: Günter Bischof, Marc Landry and Christian Karner (Guest Editor) Myths in Austrian History
  • Volume 28: Democracy in Austria
  • Volume 27: Patrik Kupper and Marc Landry (eds): Austrian Environmental History 
  • Volume 26: Guenter Bischof, Dirk Rupnow (eds): Migration in Austria
  • Volume 25: Austrian Studies Today
  • Volume 24: Austrian Federalism in Comparative Perspective
  • Volume 23: Günter Bischof, Ferdinand Karlhofer (eds.): Austria- Hungary, the Origins, And the first year of World War I
  • Volume 22: Günter Bischof/Ferdinand Karlhofer, eds.: Austria's International Postition after the End of the Cold War
  • Volume 21: Austrian Lives
  • Volume 20: Global Austria
  • Volume 19: From Empire to Republic: Post World War I Austria: 18 Essays
  • Volume 18: The Schuessel Era in Austria: Various Essays, Book Reviews and the review of austrian politics
  • Volume 17: New Perspectives of Austria and WWII
  • Volume 16: misc.: The Changing Austrian Voter: a Series of Essays and Book Reviews
  • Volume 15: Matti Bunzl, Peter Judson, Julia Woesthoff: Sexuality in Austria
  • Volume 14: Austrian Foreign Policy in Historical Context

  • Volume 13: Günter Bishof:  Religion in Austria
  • Volume 12: Günter Bishof: The Amerikanization/ Westernization of Austria
  • Volume 11: Günter Bischof:  Biographies of Twentieth Century Immigrants to the United States
  • Volume 10: Annemarie  Steidl:  Austro-Hungarian Migrants in the US, 1870–1940
  • Volume 9: Dominik Hoffmann-Wellenhof: Frederic Mortons und Ruth Klügers Suche nach Brücken in einer neuen Heimat
  • Volume 8: Günter Bischof/Jason Dawsey/Bernhard Fetz (eds.): The Life and Work of Günther Anders: Èmigré, Iconoclast, Philosopher, Man of Letters
  • Volume 7: Bernd Ostendorf: New Orleans: Creolinization and All That Jazz

  • Volume 4: Günter Bischof: Relationships/Beziehungsgeschichten: Austria and the United States in the Twentieth Century


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Austrian Studies
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 quiet invadorsMuliethnic Nation




Studies in Central European History and Literature


Felix Mitterer

Jägerstätter - a play by Felix Mitterer

Felix Mitterer’s gripping drama Jägerstätter is based on the life and death of the martyr Franz Jägerstätter (1907-1943), an Austrian farmer who refused to fight for Hitler because of his Catholic faith. Mitterer depicts Franz, who was beatified by Pope Benedict XVI in 2007, as a courageous but struggling and insecure human being—and not at all as a saint.


Changing Addresses

Changing Adresses


This volume of contemporary Austrian literature was first published by Innsbruck University Press under the heading of Wechselnde Anschriften (2008). Eleven of the twenty-one authors from the German edition are published in the selection presented here. These writers largely hail from Western Austria (Tyrol and Vorarlberg) and the South Tyrol, a largely German-speaking part of the historic county of Tirol, now the province of Alto Adige in Northern Italy.

Blossoms in Snow


Blossoms in Snow


Thirty-five authors, through seventy-nine poems and short prose pieces, tell the story of the twentieth century’s greatest refugee crisis. An English translation brings their work to English-speaking readers for the first time, side by side with the original German.

The poems contextualize past and present responses to issues of asylum, reflect on the state of being stateless, draw parallels between the United States and Austria, and resonate deeply with our own contemporary geopolitical landscape.

Blossoms in Snow collects poems by Rose Ausländer, Hermann Broch, Mimi Grossberg, and over thirty other refugees who escaped Nazi Austria.

University of New Orleans Press
Studies in Central European History, Culture, & Literature
Edited by Günter Bischof


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