Studying at the University of New Orleans

Students of the University of Innsbruck can apply for a place at the UNO for a semester or a year. Courses can be chosen from 44 different study programs.


Semester abroad


Year abroad

Spring Semester 2021 (January - May)
Application deadline: TBA



Fall Semester 2021 (August - December)

Application deadline: 


Benefits of a stay abroad at the University of New Orleans

  • 44 different study programs to choose from
  • low tuition fees (compared to the American perspective, Innsbruck students only pay the instate tuition)
  • Opportunities for full study programs at the UNO (degree e.g. MBA)
  • Research stays for master's or diploma theses and dissertations
  • No TOEFL test required
  • Relatively low application cost
  • Center Austria at the UNO as a contact for Innsbruck students
  • Very good scholarships


Spring Semester: January - May

Fall Semester: August – December

Academic Year: August – May

Tuition fees

Tuition fees for undergraduates currently amount to approximately $ 4350 - $ 4700 per semester. For graduates they amount to approximately $ 4500 - $ 4900(Spring 2020). These vary however depending on which courses you choose (online/in-class).

Experience reports



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