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Appointment Procedure

Following procedure steps are documented on our website.


   Date for constitutive meeting

This is the first meeting of the appointment committee. The agenda includes the constitution of the committee, the election of the Head of the Committee, the compilation of the assessment criteria and the job advertisement)

   Advertisement incl. closing date for applications
      (period for applications may be extended)

   Second committee meeting

The agenda includes a first evaluation of the applicants by the committee and a decision on a closing date for the arrival of the external expert opinions

(about 2 to 4 weeks after closing date for applications)

   Deadline for the external expert opinions

(about 6 to 8 weeks after second meeting)

   Third meeting

The agenda includes the evaluation of the expert opinions and the compilation of a shortlist of candidates to be invited to the hearing

(about 2 weeks after the arrival of the external expert opinions)

   Assessment of the procedure by the rectorate

(the report of the procedure is usually submitted to the rectorate after the third meeting. The rectorate usually takes another 4 weeks to evaluate the file.)


(The hearings usually take place about 1 to 2 months after the rectorate has confirmed the shortlist for the hearings.)

   Fourth meeting

The agenda includes the assessment of the candidates based on their hearings and the evaluation by the committee and the external experts as well as the decision on a shortlist of 3 applicants (including their ranking order) to be recommended for this position

(The fourth - or last - meeting of the committee usually takes place on the last day of the hearings)

   Assessment of the second part of the procedure by the rectorate

(The file is usually submitted to the rectorate after the final committee meeting. After the submission to the rectorate the procedure is administrated there.)

   Negotiations between the rectorate and the candidates
       based on the shortlist in order of their ranking


In some cases there are more than just the meetings presented in this list needed. The Head of the Committee is responsible therefore.

The time-frames given above are only an approximation. Every procedure depends on the individual committee and its Head, the duration of the procedure may vary considerably. 

As soon as a new professor has been appointed, the procedure will be shown under completed Procedures.

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