Use of Plagiarism Software at the University of Innsbruck


The Rectorate has issued guidelines for "ensuring good scientific practice" on 5th January 2011 ( erlassen.

Ensuring good scientific practice is a principle which applies to all phases of scientific working. Measures for creating awareness, appropriate courses, fact sheets and other initiatives are used at the University of Innsbruck to teach and exercise correct scientific working.

To unveil malpractice and to protect the reputation of our university, we have been using a technological means for checking final theses on agreements with e.g. Internet sources, a so-called plagiarism software, since 2006.

This permanent local archiving is an additional means of help for the person evaluating the thesis. When checking the thesis that has been handed in digital format a result report, which shows agreements with e.g. Internet sources, is generated.

This result report is sent to the evaluating person and the Deans of Study for inspection and to the student for a possible response.

Turnitin upload for dissertations

  Examination Office Campus Innrain 52d
  Examination Office Campus Technikerstrasse 17
  Examination Office Campus Universitaetsstraße 15

The handing in of the digital version of the thesis via Turnitin must take place before the handing in of the print version in the examinations office (max. 7 days). A confirmation of the upload must be handed in together with the bound version at the examinations office. Having successfully uploaded the thesis, this confirmation can be retrieved and printed out directly in Turnitin. (ATTENTION: max. data volume amounts 100 MB)

The Department for New Media provites all Faculty with an user identification at the University of Innsbruck to check all final theses (Diploma and Master theses, including Bachelor theses). (Leitfaden für Lehrende.)


The handing in of digital versions of the final theses for checking on Internet plagiarism has been taking place centrally via the PlagScan portal since October 2012. All the works uploaded there were transferred to the new Turnitin portal.


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