Recognition of Prior Learning
Project: Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

This website also displays possible recognitions of other post-secondary educational institutions in order to improve transparency (the legal basis for every recognition is § 78 of the University Law 2002 respectively the framework laws of other higher education institutions that are involved). Among these are e.g. the „Kolleg für Sozialpädagogik“ or the „Kolleg für Kindergartenpädagogik“. 1



Recognition of (Prior) Learning for the Tyrolean and Vorarlberger Higher Education Area

Here you will find more information about possible recognitions:


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Workflow Recognition

 at the University of Innsbruck 
 at the University of Applied Sciences (Kufstein, Tyrol)
 Video of the recognition workflow

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In Austria educational programmes offered at vocational secondary schools (BHS) are completed within five years. Therefore these schools are granted a higher grade (5) according to the “International Standard Classification of Education” (ISCED) than general secondary schools (AHS) that offer four year programmes (grade 3 ISCED). In order to accredit this higher level of secondary education and to allow alumni of vocational schools to make more informed decisions in their choice for a tertiary study programme, the University of Innsbruck initiated the RPL Project along with other Tyrolean and Vorarlberger higher education organisations and with the financial support from the Tyrolean government. The project is thought to offer students more time, for example to attend more advanced courses or to concentrate more on a focal area and also to better reconcile the compatibility of study and work.

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1 1 With the the ongoing of the projekte, this homepage will be extended with recognitions for further studies. Land Tirol

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